TV Wall Mount Style Ideas to Combine with Your Attractive and Comfort Living Room

Who don’t need entertainment in this world? Entertainment is already become a crucial necessity in this increased stress level of life. One simple entertainment thing that everybody always has nowadays is television. TV has been a primary needed for modern people, almost all house in all part of the world has TV. Along with this trend, technology for TV, both in style design or sophistication, are also adjusted.

In this era, we rarely find television box set on sale, all people now love the wide-flat-screen TV as we seen everywhere in many kind of styles. Besides the wideness, flat-screen TV is also snappy and space-efficient. It can be easily mounted on the wall, and you even don’t need any table or rack to put it.

More, wall mounted TV is an innovation that easier you to enjoy your entertainment because you can put it in any corner and set it in comfortable position to support your perfect point of view. However, have you ever thought about more ideas in setting wall mounted TV to make it more fascinating and comfortable to be watched? No idea? Let’s go check some of our suggestion!

How to choose tv wall mount

Mostly flat-screen TV is completed with their pedestal stand for locating your TV on table or cabinet. However, one appealing thing that you can get from having flat -screen TV is its ability to be mounted to the wall. By mounting it to the wall, you might get your entertainment room much tidier, cleaner, space-efficient, and having the TV in the best point of view.

Yet unfortunately, flat screen TV generally doesn’t include the wall-mounting hardware, you have to purchase it separately. The most suitable wall-mounting hardware will help you to get the most appealing position for your wall-mounted TV. That’s why you need further consideration on choosing wall-mounting hardware for your TV; depend on your flat-screen TV style and your room situation. It might be difficult to take the best decision, but don’t worry we here to help you on considering and taking the most appealing decision.

Wall-Mounting Hardware Types

TV Wall Mount Ideas

There are so many types of wall-mounting hardware, from basic fixed-mount design to almost unlimited flexibility for locating the TV. The room nuance, situation, position, and likewise the existing furniture will influence your decision to choose the fixed one or the flexible one.

Fixed-Mount Hardware

TV Wall Mount Ideas

This fixed-mount is the cheapest and simplest. The typical of this wall-mounting hardware is locating the TV closer to the wall than other wall-mounting hardware types. As you seen in the picture is the Sanus LL11-B1, it’s holding the TV about 9/16” from the wall. This type is good for you who will be sitting literally in front of the TV, because this one will make your TV parallel to the wall and doesn’t have angle adjustments feature.

Tilt-Mount Hardware

TV Wall Mount Ideas

This wall-mounting hardware typically has vertical angle adjustment, very good to help reducing screen reflection from windows or room lights. You likewise can manage your TV in its optimum viewing level. This one is good for TV which is located above fireplace or high on bedroom wall.

Tilt or Swivel Mounting Hardware

TV Wall Mount Ideas

This wall-mount hardware has side-to-side swivel adjustment, very flexible for room with more than one viewing spot. You are also able to choose the best angle you want in any condition.

Ceiling Mount Hardware

TV Wall Mount Ideas

Your bed room is in the loft and small? Don’t worry! You still can relax there while enjoying the TV’s program. Wall-mounted TV probably doesn’t work, yet ceiling-mounted TV will present the best for you.

Managing TV’s Cluttered Cable

You perhaps easily hide the cables and wires of conventional TV-box set behind it, however wall-mounted TV may give you some trouble about the tidy appearance. More than it, you can lose the elegance only because of the cable.

Nevertheless, there are always solutions. Here we present you some suggestion to solve the cluttered cables and wires; you can discreetly harangue the mess or hide them all together. It’s just about how you desire to arrange your room, so you will be able to choose one the most suitable and effective trick for you.

1. Running Cable Through the Walls

Quite complicated to commence, but this way is the most common way that already used by people even before the flat-screen TV is found. First of all, you need to make two holes in the wall, one behind the TV and one below it. Wires from component pieces, like cable box, satellite dish, or DVD player should feed into the bottom hole and out from the top hole. You better conceal the hole with the cover plates. While the power cord is need to be visible and easily plug into the outlet below the TV.

Generally, this method is perfectly viable for basic TV without too many complements like game systems, sound systems, computers, and the array of other TV-compatible devices commonly used nowadays. Those complements have too many cables and some of them have different cable size. It might be difficult to arrange the cable inside the wall and quite risky in making cluttered inside.

While these days, people mostly use so many entertainment equipment connected to their TV and resulting so many kind of cluttered cables and wires. Most of them even have specialized connector cables like bulky HDMI cables and the like. If you one of those people, eventually, applying this method is quite unwise.

2. Putting TV In Front of The Outlet

If you have a perfect spot with outlet mounted on the wall, you can simply installing the TV on that wall; in the right position where the TV can perfectly conceal the outlet. If you are lucky on having this spot, sure this will be the easiest way, merely plug the cable and contain the dangling wire with a twist tie.

Notwithstanding, if you don’t have any feasible outlet, installing it is the nice decision. Even though it needs some electrical wiring skill and troublesome, yet you can potentially install it, given that knotted cable is the most thing ruining the beautiful aesthetic.

However, you still ought to consider further about the outlet functionality. Because sometime the outlet can’t nicely work for the auxiliary wires like audio and video cables which need power from their respective devices and snake in different direction than the simple cable.

3. Cable Wall Concealer

A cable concealer is an undistinguished and flat plastic utensil which is able to be a space for covering your cable. It’s like a bottleneck and you can funnel your cables through. This utensil has an open space underneath for you manipulating the cords.

This will be one of the simplest ways to manage the knotted wires and perfectly match couple of the wall mounted TV, because it can work for all messy wires, including the video and audio wires. However, it doesn’t mean that the cable wall concealer is invisible, it’s still noticeable and perhaps you need a little trick to hide it. One of the simple ways you can do is painting it using the matching colour with the wall; it will be not really bothering or even noticeable because of the cable wall concealer small size.

If you have an outlet below the TV and it’s reachable by the power cord likewise other cables, all the cables will fit in the cable wall concealer and be hidden from the outlet to the TV. You can mount the cable wall concealer to the wall by two-sided tape or special glue.

Wall Mount TV Design Ideas for Living Room

Wall Mount TV for Extraordinary-Antique Living Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas

Thanks to the extraordinary combination that creates this wonderful ambience, and likewise brings antique coupled to this living room. The modern wall mounted TV installed perfectly completing the black wall and the wooden shelf. It’s really unusual combination that is embellished by all contemporary furniture style.

Wall Mount TV for Modern-Antique Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas

The black background of the TV screen creates a contemporary looks. Then it’s combined with all fascinating antique decorative, including the wooden shelf. It’s constantly creating a unique view; contemporary but antique. More than it, the wooden shelf is very functional, due to its spacious area; it’s perfect to facilitate all the entertainment electronics in this living room.

Snazzy Wooden Background for Wall Mounted TV

TV Wall Mount Ideas

The ambience perfectly elegant, thanks to the wooden background. It’s combined very nice with the wide screen TV, that’s also match with the wall decorations beside. The wooden background played very stylish with the wooden coffee table. The coffee table also very functional, the books and DVD arranged tidily and still leave a spacious feeling.

Wall Mount TV for Black and Red Living Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas

Contemporary and classy feeling directly transferred to the eyes. This living room has spacious area that is perfectly embellished by flat wall mounted TV on black backdrop and then work very well with the red carpet under the black stool; such a unique and modern nuance. By seeing this room, you may strictly feel comfort and relaxed.

Wall Mount TV on Dark Floral Pattern

TV Wall Mount Ideas

Almost monochrome living room that is very elegant. The floral pattern wall paper as the wall mounted TV background acts very wonderful as the focal point in this living room. The colour combination of the furniture makes the living room more perfect and comfort.

Wall Mount TV in Futuristic Living Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas

This spacious living room impresses a futuristic nuance, a great combination of contemporary style and unique touch. The wood clad floating shelf acts as the main decoration that works very harmony with the wide screen TV. This arrangement presents the wide screen TV as the focal point.

Wall Mount TV inside Wooden Theme Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas

Semi contemporary-natural living room is created by all the wooden furniture, flooring, and stairs. This room looks comfort and homey due to all the natural brown combination. More than it, dramatic touch is given by the iron framed fireplace under the wide screen TV. Then the existence of the TV makes this room very comfort like in homey theatre.

Glass Background for Wall Mount TV

TV Wall Mount Ideas

Everything in this living room looks very glowing and luxury. The TV is created as the focal point because of its cooperation with glass decoration on the wall behind it. More than it, the LED lighting behind the glass frames is wonderfully accentuating the TV. Then, that’s all is finished by all the industrial style decoration that is really make this living room looks unique and modern.

TV Wall Mount for Cloudless Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas

This living room gives cheerful impression since the first you see it. The combination of cloudless colours really made up the room. The TV is locating on the right spot, the cheerful lime and green wallpaper, makes them to be the focal point that really completing the cheerful ambience.

Wall Mount TV with Red and White Decoration

TV Wall Mount Ideas

The TV is locating in balance arrangement inside the red and white opened style cabinet, symmetrical with the entertainment electronics at the other side. This cabinet nicely against the dark grey wall behind it makes the room looks so modern and bright. The last, all the furniture with parallel theme adds an attractive ambience to this living room.

This modern TV room décor brings a colourful yet sober touch to the living room. The red and white plastic wall cabinet for the TV unit against the dark grey background makes it an attractive wall mount décor in the room..

Wall Mount TV on White-Purple Wall

TV Wall Mount Ideas

This living room impresses a youthful ambience, suitable for you with young attractive heart. The arrangement of furniture also looked simple and easy, combining very nice with suspended opened shelf beside the TV.

Wall Mounted TV and Black-White Furniture Combination

TV Wall Mount Ideas

Contemporary and modern feeling can’t be separated from this room. The Wall mounted TV between the audio equipment adding the magnificent and balanced touch to this living room. The contrast colour of the TV, furniture, and wall TV background is looked contrast to this bright and spacious feeling living room.

Wall Mount TV for Minimal Furniture Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas

This room is looked super spacious because of the minimal furniture inside it. Only white sofa, black chair, silver table lamp, furry rug, white shelf, and white counter top completing the room, and the colour of those furniture is really brighten it up. The choice of locating the TV in that spot gives elegance ambient due to the combination of silver base cabinet and TV frames.

TV Wall Mount for Contemporary Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas

The TV becomes the focal point in this living room; its combination with the white bright background gives elegant ambience. The room is also brighten up by the wooden shelf and counter top as a great coupled; good for you as the easy going one.

Wall Mounted TV in Home Theatre

TV Wall Mount Ideas

This super wide screen TV is greatly suitable to this room, such a complete package of home theatre. All of the decoration is looked simple yet comfort to relax and enjoy the movies.

TV Wall Mount for Elegant Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas

This modern room with silky brown monochrome theme construct the elegance in this room. All decoration acts very nice to brighten the nuance up; especially the wide screen TV that elegantly attached on the motives wall paper upon the wooden counter top.

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