Tips to Decorate Your New Villa in Dubai Hills Like a Pro

Tips to Decorate Your New Villa – Now, that you’ve acquired a villa or apartment in Dubai hills, the next thing on the list is to decorate your new villa. You need to take note of the fact that decorating the interior and exterior of the newly purchased home has lots to say about the overall design of the villa.

Decorating and designing your new villa might appear so difficult for you to do especially if you are not creative or have no knowledge of how to decorate and structure a home. There are many ways in which technology have helped in doing the decoration of one’s home such as watching YouTube videos or buying some courses on home decoration on udemy.

However, without much ado, let’s go through the different ways of designing your new villa which will make you look like a pro.

There are two different ways to go about decorating your new homes such as;

  • Do it yourself (DIY)
  • Hire an expert

Let’s start with the Do it yourself (DIY) method of decorating homes. Dubai is known as a shopping haven, and that makes it one of the best places all over the world to shop for home furnishing materials, interior and exterior décor. There, are different types of traditional, modern, stylish and fashionable materials which are of higher quality across the world.

You wouldn’t need to spend beyond your budget as you have the platform to choose any design materials that will give your home a fresh and alluring look that you desire.

Start with a design plan

Decorate New Villa

It is the very first thing to do even if you have all the necessary materials available. You need to have in mind the architectural design of your new home and the space. Designing a large area will demand more time and that you must consider. Make your research on different decorating styles and patterns online and choose the one that you think will suit your style and meet up with the standard of villas in Dubai hill estate.

Since you have the type of design you desire, you need to understand that there are some areas in your villa that might seem so irrelevant. Those parts can be left out, and you channel your attention to the areas that get the most attention in the house such as the porch, foyer, gardens, living room, kitchen and many other places.

The processes of decoration

Paint the wall

One of the easiest ways to give your villa a new look is through painting. Get the perfect paint color that will complement the style and makes your villa looks pleasant and alluring to yourself and visitors. It can be done even without the help of an expert with the significant fear which has hold lot of people back is the fear of not making a mistake.

All that matters is using the right paint color and taking the stroke gently as you apply the brush scooped with paint on the wall. You can go further to give it an artistic touch if any idea pops up in your mind as that will boost the overall outlook of your painting work.

Get new furniture

The most important section of designing your villa is by bringing in modern furniture or traditional ones with great history. It enhance the beauty of your villa. For those who don’t have the money of buying new furniture, rearrange the old ones in such a way that it will give your home a different look to what you’ve been accustomed to.

Use decorative device/fabrics

There are many decorative devices which you can use to decorate your home. You can have different types of wallpaper on your wall or artistic images, multicolor curtains, slipcovers, new bedding, new pillow, rugs, and some other trending devices or materials that can add to the beauty of your villa.

Focus on the important places

Design the vital areas in your villa such as your bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom in a way that is appealing to you and visitors. Choose the best design from your research, get to the shopping mall and get the trending materials for your bathroom, quality kitchen utensils and equipments, change your kitchen cabinet if need be and ensure the countertop is in excellent condition.

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It is the last part I will discuss as regarding interior design. Lighting your villa with the trending lights on the market today will enhance the the overall design of your home. You can as well use different bulb color for lightning as that will make your villa more dynamic.

Hire an expert

Not everyone can go through the stress of decorating their new villa or apartment which is why the expert decorators are there to do the work. If you think it is time-consuming and stressful, you can hire an expert to get the job done by giving the design and pattern you desire to have for your home.

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