The Syrian Hamster Detailed Overview

The Syrian hamster is one of one of the most lovable small family pets that numerous American households love. These hamsters are likewise popularly referred to as Golden Hamsters or Teddy Bear Hamsters (the long-haired selection) and also are most likely one of the most preferred hamster varieties maintained as pet dogs.

Because of their manageable nature, it is extremely simple to manage these fantastic family pets. Even children could quickly take care of these pets without any hassle. However, these pets are not as social as canines or pet cats. After they reach the age of 4 to 5 weeks, they should be maintained alone in separate cages. If you are elevating greater than one hamster, then get separate cages for them. Syrians are singular as well as may kill or seriously hurt one another if they are kept together.

These pets are nighttime in nature. For this reason, it is extremely uncommon to see them energetic throughout the day. The Syrian hammy is among the biggest hamsters with an average size of 4 ″– 7 ″ at their fully expanded age. However, the dimension could vary depending upon the sex of the animal. In this case, females generally enlarge than the males.

Syrian hamster ranges have an extremely brief tail, tiny eyes, and also big cheek bags. Based upon studies, the average life expectancy of a Syrian could vary anywhere from 2 to 2-1/2 years. However, some pet dog owners assert that their hamsters have actually lived as long as 4 years and the current globe record is for 4.5 years.


Syrian Hamster

Typically, these animals have brief fuzzy coat. Syrian hamster are reproduced in 4 various layer types, including long-haired, short-haired, satin as well as rex. The male varieties of the longhaired Syrians create a beautiful layer with relatively long hair compared to shorthaired hamsters.

The coat typically matures to 4 inches. Nonetheless, some Syrians additionally have much longer layers than this. While male Syrians with longhaired layer create a skirt at the back, female Syrians look fluffy with thick coats. The Satin Syrians flaunt a glossy coat with hair shafts and tinted hair.

Breeders usually prevent breeding two satin Syrians together as it might cause bald hamsters with sporadic coats. Unlike these hamsters, the Rex hamsters look one-of-a-kind with its layer appear to be crimped.

Colours and also Fur Patterns

Syrian Hamster

Some Syrian colors consist of: Golden, Rust, Cinnamon, dark and light grey, silver grey, dove, yellow, as well as black, sparkling wine, chocolate, as well as cream, sable, mink, as well as yellow black.

In addition, they also include a number of hair patterns. Below is a listing:

  • Solid: One of the most usual type Syrians with gold and also smooth furs with strong fur pattern.
  • Banded: Black hair coat with a white band in the middle of the body.
  • Dominant Area: White body with tinted places all over.
  • Tortoiseshell: Yellowish areas around the body.
  • Roan: White hair combined with various shades with head being darker with brown hair.

Syrian Hamster Housing

Syrian Hamster

After reaching 4 to 5 weeks of age, Syrians ought to be maintained alone in separate cages. These are solitary animals nevertheless. Although you may see some breeders keeping more than one hamster in a single cage, you should constantly maintain them in different cages for their safety.

When syrian hamster get to the 4 weeks of age, they start squabbling, which may cause unpleasant battles. Pet proprietors must take into consideration getting big cages for these animals. As these hamsters are fairly energetic, they require enough room to move around.

A number of branded pet dog item makers supply special cages for Syrians. Even the cages indicated for big rats appropriate for syrian hamster. Glass tanks with mesh covers are also ideal for these fuzzy animals and Do It Yourself plastic container cages are additionally prominent amongst seasoned proprietors.

Pet proprietors ought to likewise consider developing a nest to permit these animals to sleep in conveniently. Aspen, hay, and paper-based bed linens are best for this function. Nonetheless, hay could bring mites. Producing a nest with paper cells is also ideal for syrian hamster.

Cotton woollen nesting material is not appropriate for these animals, because it can create impactions in the hamster’s cheek bags. Sometimes, hamsters encounter choking as well as obstruction as they swallow these cotton woollens.

A large hideout made from plastic, ceramic, or wood can likewise be supplied.

Toys and Petting

Syrian Hamster

Breeders usually suggest pet owners to offer lots of focus on their Syrian hammy. These cute animals end up being extremely close to their proprietors. To prevent your hamster being unhappy, you could provide him a number of playthings.

Tires, wood log rolls, cardboard boxes, and tubes, as well as grain boxes are a few of the most effective toys. Owners can likewise inspect at their local animal stores to find a good selection of accessories for their little animals. Syrians are social as well as accommodating, specifically with their proprietors.

When they are well-handled as well as delighted, they respond well to frequent handling. It is very uncommon to see a Syrian attacking, without reason. They are likewise not prone to peing, or defecating much outside their cage. You could likewise permit your youngsters to manage these cute animals by themselves when they have actually been educated the best ways to effectively connect with their small fuzzy buddy.

Syrian Hamster Feeding

Syrian Hamster

Raising these pet dogs is additionally very easy when it concerns the sort of care they require as well as considering their food and bed linen costs. These animals eat much less and also are quickly pleased with their diet regimen. Their omnivorous diet consists of vegetables and also meats. The majority of their diets consist of seeds, grasses, and some bugs.

You can check for good-quality hamster food mix for your pet dog. Owners can additionally think about adding a tiny portion of well prepared hen or tough steamed egg white in their diet periodically. Prevent offering acidic food to your Syrians.

A few of the best food selections for these pets include broccoli, kale, cucumber, and also carrot, cauliflower, dandelion leaves as well as apple. If your hamster is expectant or nursing, you could supply some milklike porridge, chopped hard boiled eggs and scrambled egg.

A checklist of ideal fresh food could be located below (while the list was produced initially for dwarf hamsters, it could likewise be made use of for Syrians). Sometimes, you could supply your hamster a dog biscuit.


Syrian Hamster

Syrian hamster are much less susceptible to diseases as well as infections. Nonetheless, there are particular conditions that pet dog proprietors ought to keep an eye out for. If your syrian hamster has Damp Tail problem, seek advice from a vet. Normally, maintaining your hamster clean and quarantined is recommended during this problem.

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