13 Smartest Cat Breed In The World

Smartest Cat Breed – Cats are naturally lovable and would really bring out some good mood in you because of their antics. Well, almost all people own cats as their pets. This kind of animals will not just make you feel all the love in the world but it will also show how witty they can be. Humans must never underestimate the intelligence of cats because sometimes, pets act more appropriate than humans and think clearly than humans.

Cats don’t just come in one breed but it can be seen n varieties of breeds which can confuse you. With several breeds of cats, there are just some breeds that are uniquely smart.

Here are some of the smartest cats found in the world.

Burmese Cat

smartest cat breed

The predecessor of the Burmese cat is the Siamese and because of this, this breed was able to acquire the smartness of its ancestors. This breed of cat loves to chat but only have moderate noise compared to the Siamese breed. The Burmese cat loves humans. Even though that it easily gets attached to people, this breed can play around with dogs or another cat and would love to have them as its companion.

The brain of this smart cat always works when being taught with tricks and is showy of its learned tricks because it loves being in the spotlight. Burmese cat can learn how to fetch, sit, walk, and sit. Just like the Siamese breed, it will follow you wherever you go.

Tonkinese Cat

smartest cat breed

The intelligence of the Tonkinese cat is the combination of the Burmese and Siamese. This cat breed loves attention and will ride your shoulder when they want just like what you see on TV. Tonkinese cats are sociable since it loves to know other people. What is good with this cat is that no matter what kind of companion you give, it is happily satisfied. The smart cat loves to play puzzle toys but can easily get uninterested.

Bengal Cat

smartest cat breed

If you want a cat that looks like a leopard, then the Bengal cat is the one. This cat is not only integrated with wisdom but it also has beauty and personality that everyone falls for. This cat breed knows how to utilize its paws and definitely great for learning tricks. However, Bengal cat can be a source of trouble.

It has the likeness to play with your electronics or would turn on and off the switch which can be dangerous. When it comes to bath time, you can always count on a Bengal cat since it loves being around the water but its interest in water can also be disadvantageous especially to pet owners who have fished in their homes.

Cornish Rex Cat

smartest cat breed

Intelligence, jumping skills, and lengthy toes are what makes Cornish Rex cat amazing. This intelligent breed of cat has the skills to open doors, hang on different objects and can even rummage on your closets. Because of its smartness, you can never hide anything from it that is why; hide your things when it is not looking around. This Cornish Rex cat also loves being with people and can easily teach for therapy works. Because of this, vet visits are hassle free.

Intelligent Cat Breeds every Pet Owner will be Proud of

One of the famous pets that can be seen around is cats. This pet comes in different breeds and is definitely loved by people in all walks of life. Cats are lovable and fluffy creatures that will surely make you fall in love. There are cats that look sweet while there are also ones who may be grumpy at times.

Nevertheless, no matter what attitude it has, cats will always be loved by many and will always be the super clingy type of pets that you want to have around. On the other hand, cats are not just simple pets but there are breeds of cats that are truly intelligent.

Cats are not just simply clingy and moody pets but it is also intelligent. There are cat breeds in the world that are integrated with a wisdom which will make you a proud owner. So, if you want to have a cat that can understand you and will never leave your side whatever happens, here are the cats that you must have because it is filled with intelligence that you can boast to everyone.

Singapura Cat

smartest cat breed

This breed of cat may be similar to the Burmese and Abyssinian but the Singapura cat is recognized that it has its own breed. The similarity that it has from the other breeds only proves that the same blood and intelligence flow. This breed can actually jump high and you will always see it busy.

The hyper that it has makes it a delightful breed. Did you know that Singapura cats are small? Well, this breed is indeed small and is known to be the smallest of all cat breeds. Singapura cats will never hesitate to quickly sit on your lap but after that, you will just be a thin air because it will continue what it is busy with.

Turkish Angora

smartest cat breed

If you want a graceful and smooth breed of cat as your pet, Turkish Angora is the one for you. This breed of cat is the epitome of beauty and brain because it is elegantly intelligent. Turkish Angora fist came in the United States in the 1950s and never fails to go with socialites.

This breed is excited to play and is definitely wise. It is not only quick but it is always mindful of its surrounding and will never let its guard down. The intelligence that it has can also be a trouble since it knows how to open the doors of the drawers and also of the cabinets. If you love to see their amused face, fall something to the floor because it is what it likes.

If you want your home to have a cat that is wise, then Turkish Angora and Singapura cat are the ones for you. These breeds are certainly intelligent since it knows how to open drawers and knows how to focus on what it is doing. These breeds may be expensive in prices but all your money will be worth it if you have cats that can learn tricks and will definitely never leave your side.

Clever and Unique Cat Breeds that you love to have

If a person doesn’t love dogs, it means that he or she loves to have cats as pets. There are people who have different preferences when it comes to pets. Some would choose dogs while some would pick cats. Both kinds of pets are lovable and will always be there for you.

If you prefer cats, then you just made a right choice. Cats may be a snob but when they love their owner, they always get clingy. Cats are seen in different breeds and there are breeds that are just truly clever and will definitely put you in amusement.

Cats are just simply smart since they can make toys out of anything. Also, it is capable of learning tricks in just one teaching. If you want to have cats with sexy minds, here are some of the breeds of cats that you will definitely want to have as your pet.

Japanese Bobtail

smartest cat breed

If you want a cat that has a unique tail, well the Japanese Bobtail will never fail you. This cat breed’s back legs are long. Also, it has a superbly clever mind that will never give you any regrets. 1000 years ago, this breed has been treated as a treasured one in Japan spoils that it wants and was never allowed to step outside the premise of the house.

However, after some time, the cat breed became street cats to eliminate the pests that ruin the silk. Today, Japanese Bobtail can easily adapt to the tricks taught and are sociable to humans. Not only those, this breed can jump high and has antics that will surely put you in awe. This breed is not only clever but also quick.

Korat Cat

smartest cat breed

Korat, a silver-blue cat is one of the smartest cats that can be found today. This breed of cat is rare to find and is given value in the country of Thailand because of its wisdom. The old breed is a keen observer and can do what a human does.

The intelligence it has led the Korat to learn how to open the doors of the cabinets and even the faucets. The Korat will perform things when it knows that it will not be dangerous. Because of its observant skills, the Korat knows how to distinguish if it will be safe or not. If you want a cat that observes first before diving into decisions, then the Korat is the one for you.

Savannah Cat

smartest cat breed

If you want a crossbreed cat that is intelligent, the Savannah is the best fit for your choice. The Savannah is a mix of a domestic cat and a serval. This African cat is a clever one and has a unique pattern on its skin which is distinguishable.

The Savannah is vigorous and unexpectedly wild especially when it comes to its temper. Because of this, it proves how intelligent it can be and will surely exhaust you when playtime because it never gets tired and will play pits heart out in order for its mind to be stimulated.

Breed of Cats That May Outsmart You

If you think that only human are smart, well animals are too. Cats may show no care for their owners but there are cat breeds that are considered to be the smartest in their family. Cats are known to be great explorers since it can make a new toy out of unusual items that it can find inside its home.

This kind of animal is just curious about everything that is why; it tends to move out of its habitat and would simply discover everything that it gets curious with. There are cat breeds that will simply make you surprised that they are smart than other animals.

Here are some of the cat breeds that may outsmart you in some ways.

Abyssinian Cat

smartest cat breed

When playing is the way of learning, the Abyssinian cat will never fail. This breed of cat is one of the smartest since it can learn anything through playing. Once it learns, it will definitely love doing it again. The Abyssinian cat or Aby is capable of climbing and jumping high. Also, it can investigate seriously when something caught its attention.

Turkish Van Cat

smartest cat breed

This fluffy cat also enjoys climbing around but doesn’t move gracefully. Came from Lake Van in Turkey, this cat breed can be clumsy and will really break things out of curiosity. The Turkish Van Cat is also capable of learning the basic tricks like fetch.

Unlike other cats, this breed loves to dip in the water. Because of its clumsiness, it must not be left inside the bathroom or any dangerous places since it may face accidents. This smart cat can turn the faucet on by itself which will not ask you for a hand but does not love to be held and can be moody. In addition, if you want to see its

Scottish Fold Cat


The folded ears of this breed are what make it look adorable. The Scottish Fold cat is another breed of cat that is smarter than you think. This cat loves to associate with humans which mean, you can see its postures just like a human being does.

The smart cat loves to hang around with people. If you are looking for a movie or TV companion, then the Scottish Fold will be with you when you need somebody to cry or laugh with. The cat will also be watching with you. When it comes to the best toys for this breed, it is best to give the ones that will challenge its intelligence but it must not be left for a long time.

Siamese Cat

smartest cat breed

One of the famous breeds of cats, Siamese cat is also one of the smartest. This breed loves chatting with people and will definitely get loud out of excitement. Wherever you may go, this cat will follow you and observe you intently. When the brain of a Siamese cat is not stimulated, it gets boring easily which means that you should always chat or play with it.

The Siamese cat loves to enjoy puzzle toys in order to entertain itself. This cat is smart since it knows how to convey its feelings and would wail if not given attention.

Cats are not just lovable and attention seeker pets, but they are also smart creatures who can also outsmart humans.

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  1. Thank you for the info on the cats. We have a Bengal named Buddy. He is very smart and wants his water fresh from the facet. He loves his family and sleeps most of the night with us. We love him. He gets bored when we leave for a day or two, but is very self-sufficient. He always greets us at the door when we return home.


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