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Should I shaved cat to look cool?

Shaved Cat – I like my cats like household, however I hate shedding season. Not just does it set off allergies, it likewise requires me to invest an inordinate quantity of time cleaning. Some days I feel like Sisyphus attempting fruitless to climb up a mountain of hairballs.

That’s why this summertime I’m thinking about shaved cat but I do not wish to do it unless the decision is best for everyone involved. Here are a few of the pros and cons I’m considering. Have you ever shaved cat? Please share your experiences in the remarks!

Shedding season will be easier to handle shaved cat

shaved cat

Every year beginning in April, my cats shed like it is their damn task. I can literally pull handfuls of hair off my calico lady, Phoenix, and toss them in the air like I’m celebrating the sluggish however sure dissolution of my cats thick, shiny winter season coat. If I clean my home in the morning, by afternoon cat hair tumbleweeds are skidding throughout the hardwood floorings.

To top it off, both of my cats dislike being brushed. If I capture Bubba Lee Kinsey mid-nap, I can usually get a couple of excellent strokes in before he aims to bite me, however I have to go after Phoenix throughout the space to even stand an opportunity.

I’ll come at her with the brush and she’ll dart under the bed in a flurry of loose, white fur. By removing the source of the problem, shaved cat would make dealing with shedding season that much easier to handle.

Shaved cat It will be pricey

shaved cat

Preliminary Internet research has actually led me to believe that getting a cat professionally shaved, whether at a pet shop or a vet’s office, can cost anywhere from $40 to $300 per cat. I’m working part-time and preparing to return to school in the fall, so I’m wanting to cut costs any way I can.

I’m not sure I’m prepared to drop exactly what might amount to a month’s rent (or a minimum of a week’s grocery cash) on hairstyles that my cat will design with their tongues and saliva. I’m likewise not cool with my cats being put under to attain a wanted appearance. It not only raises the expense however looks like it could be potentially hazardous to the cat.

They will look charming with kitty mohawks

shaved cat

Say what you will about cat with mohawks, layers, and stegosaurus-inspired hairstyles, but I believe they look remarkable and can you envision what does it cost? fun they ‘d be to pet? A haircut does not alter anything completely, so if the cat hates it, I can simply wait a month and it will grow back. In the meantime, cat will have a very unique, attractive punk rock ‘do.

The experience might distress them

shaved cat

Last time I took my cats to the veterinarian, Bubba Lee Kinsey attempted to eliminate the bad woman and Phoenix concealed under the bed for three days straight. My cats have actually never ever had litter box issues of any kind, and they have actually always changed very well to new surroundings (after the obligatory weeklong turf war, that is). I’m getting ready to move and I ‘d dislike to provide the one-two punch of brand-new hairstyles plus new surroundings, which will push them over the edge and into “pissing behind the tv” area.

I will have to vacuum less

shaved cat

In the summertime, I vacuum every day, and it’s still not enough. By the time I have actually used the pet hair eraser on the entire couch, the end I began on is currently covered once again. I admit that my desire to do less household chores is probably a self-centered one, but if it can minimize allergic reactions and assist me and my cat live more harmoniously together, right worth considering?

Exactly what if they never ever forgive me?

shaved cat

If my cats’ reactions to going to the veterinarian are any sign, getting them to and from their hair appointments is going to be outright hell. There’s the ringing of the razor, the presence of myriad odd cats and pets, and numerous unfamiliar sights, scents, and sounds.

Sensory overload will remain in complete effect, sort of like that time I consumed mushrooms, went to the supermarket, and lookinged at the laundry cleaning agent for like 45 minutes due to the fact that I was too overwhelmed to move.

Considering my cat spend at least 18 hours of every day set down on the corner of my bed next to the heating unit and jump if I so much as slam a book too loudly, I can just picture how they’ll respond to this kind of experience. I fret it may be excessive for their delicate constitutions to deal with.

Medical Reasons

shaved cat

Often, your cat may have to be shaved by the veterinarian for a procedure. For example, the cat in the picture listed below (Oliver) has a heart whispering. The veterinarian advised his owner take him to a cardiologists to get an echocardiogram. In order to do this, the vet had to shave Oliver’s chest so the ultrasound sensing unit would work.

Skin Concerns

shaved cat

Ringworm is a typical ailment for which shaving your cat may help in a speed recovery. ” It is simpler for topical medications to penetrate all the way to the skin in a longhaired cat if his body is clipped,” says Dr. Kathryn Primm, owner of Applebrook Animal Healthcare facility and the “Animal Stuff You Wonder About” blog site

There perhaps be other skin problems where your veterinarian will recommend shaving to assist your cat body heal quicker. They will understand if shaving is appropriate. If they don’t mention it, you can always bring it up and inquire if they think it will help in your cats particular case.

Of course, in these circumstances, your veterinarian does exactly what he should to keep your cat healthy.

Grooming Themselves

shaved cat

Another typical problem is obese cats that are so obese they can not appropriately groom themselves. This naturally, is also a medical problem.

” We regularly perform exactly what is called a hygienic clip into overweight patients they can not keep their rear area clean,” adds Dr. Primm.


shaved cat

” The primary indicator for such a hairstyle in my viewpoint is substantial matting,” states Dr. Primm. Mats can cause bruising and inflammation to the skin below them and must be dealt with.

Cats with serious matting frequently are shaved because it’s the only way to securely remove the mats. A cat’s skin is paper thin and actually rips if cut. Trying to cut out mats that are too near to your cats skin is dangerous, it’s better to shave them and “begin over.”


Shaved cat

Summertime is upon us which indicates we begin stressing over our pets remaining comfy in the heat. And while cat can get too hot, shaving their coat might really make that more likely.

” If you think about their hair coat as an insulator, it can serve to keep the family pet warm or cool,” explains Dr. Primm. “So there might not be an advantage to body clipping a cat [to cool him down]”.

Things To Consider Before Clipping Your Cat

shaved cat

Clipping is frequently demanding for your cat . It shouldn’t be done if your cat is truly combating it– due to the fact that this is when injuries occur. If your cat has to be clipped and is stressed out, ask your veterinarian about the possibility of sedation so that nobody, individual or cat, gets hurt throughout the clipping.

Because their skin is so quickly ripped, clipping should never be done by a beginner. Take your cat to an expert animal groomer who focuses on grooming. You can find a National Cat Groomers Institute of America Qualified Groomer through their online search engine.

Your cat will have exposed skin for a while afterward, so be prepared to secure against the environment. Cats with pink skin will need security from the sun. Otherwise, they can get sunburn, which will increase their probability for cancer, says Dr. Primm.

Your cat does not care about “style” or exactly what you believe looks cool. Please just shaved cat if it’s medically needed (including things like mats or being not able to groom himself).

So if you’ve successfully shaved cat for low-cost or have actually found another option to shedding season, I wish to find out about it. Share in the comments!

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