Russian Hamster Dwarf Detailed Overview

The name Russian Hamster Dwarf is made use of for two different varieties of hamster: the Campbell’s Russian dwarf (Phodopus campbelli) as well as the winter months white Russian dwarf (P. sungorus).

These 2 little hamsters grow to 3 or 4 inches long as well as are comparable in appearance. Russian hamster overshadows are much more friendly with their own kind than bigger hamsters as well as prefer to live in teams, although they combat when introduced after they are 5 to 8 weeks old.

Russian Hamster  Dwarf Overview


Russian Hamster

In the wild, a winter season white hamster’s coat transforms white in action to shorter days and longer evenings. Since the day length remains the very same inside, his coat keeps its gray shade year-round in captivity.

Campbell’s hamsters have a lot more variation in color, from pale gray to black. Solitary solid shades, largely gray, are most usual. You may discover some with shading, markings or a dark disrobe the facility of the back.


Russian Hamster

Russian dwarf hamsters could squeeze between the cords of a steel cage and damage sophisticated setups with plastic attaching tubes to the point where they might at some point run away. One of the most protected home for a Russian dwarf is a glass aquarium with a cord mesh cover. You’ll additionally require a canteen that could hang over the side of the aquarium, as well as a food dish.

Aspen shavings make a secure and comfy bed linens. Hamsters value a hiding place, and also something as basic as a cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels will certainly keep them delighted. Wood chew sticks as well as playthings please their have to eat as well as maintain their teeth put on down to ensure that they do not grow as well long.


Russian Hamster

Commercially prepared hamster diet regimens must contain 15 to 20 percent healthy protein. Your hamster will certainly appreciate a combine with seeds, pellets as well as dried out fruits and vegetables, yet if you locate that he is choosing his preferred parts of the mix and also leaving the remainder, button to pellets to earn sure he has a balanced diet.

Daily servings of fresh vegetables complete a hamster’s diet regimen. Your Russian dwarf will certainly love an occasional little fresh or dried fruit, but overindulgence leads to weight problems, so use fruit as a periodic reward. Prevent uncooked beans, unripe tomatoes, environment-friendly potato skins, greasy or fried food as well as sugary foods.

Family Pets

Russian Hamster

Russian dwarf hamsters have a reputation for nippiness. You’ll require a lot more perseverance and also persistence to hand-tame a Russian dwarf than the larger species, yet they will at some point obtain made use of to you. Winter season whites are simpler to tame as well as much less most likely to bite compared to Campbell’s hamsters.

Russian overshadows do not make good pet dogs for very children. Their occupancy to nip and their fragile nature can bring about injuries to both the hamster and also the youngster. Like all hamsters, Russian hamster overshadows are nighttime and also most energetic when young kids are asleep.

Russian towers over are remarkable to view, and also there is no end to the important things they can do to captivate you, from having fun with playthings to building frameworks within their environment. Their delightful antics make them extremely desirable pets for households as well as adolescent youngsters.

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