9 Essential Benefits of Owning a Dog

Owning a dog like Yorkie, Maltese, Morkie, French Bulldogs, Mini Goldendoodle, CavaPoo or Cavachon breed puppy is a unique and beautiful experience, with plenty of positive effects, both for dogs and their masters. Studies showed that dog owners have a better health than the rest of the people thanks to the support and boost dogs offer them. Moreover, owning a dog has similar emotional benefits to having a human friend.

Owning a Dog

1. Dog ownership lowers the risk of heart diseases in single persons

Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden and the American Heart Association have found that owning a pet is especially beneficial for persons that live alone. Dog ownership offers better protection and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the case of single persons.

Researchers from Sweden have analyzed the population data to records a dog ownership on a 12 years period. They looked at the heart health of more than 3.4 million adults with ages between 40 and 80 years old. The study showed that persons living alone, who owned a dog, had a lower risk of death because of a cardiovascular disease or other causes. Persons that owned dog breeds like terriers, retrievers and scent hounds registered the lowest risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Specialists explain that the act of petting a dog lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, especially in the case of men whose rate of heart disease is consistently reduced. Dog owners are more likely to survive a heart attack compared to the rest of the people.

Moreover, a Chinese study showed that dog owners get better sleep at night and get sick less often. It has been demonstrated that their levels of triglyceride and cholesterol are lower.

2. Dog ownership motivates people to exercise every day

The results of various studies suggest that dog owners have a higher level of physical activity, as well as more social contacts. Walking a dog several times a week has positive effects on health. Usually, a dog owner gets 30 minutes of exercise a day, which leads to a low cardiovascular disease risk.

3. Dog ownership encourages socialization between people

Studies have shown that people tend to have more trust in dog owners than random persons walking on the street. Also, they are more likely to interact with them.

4. Dog ownership improves the mental health

Owning a dog lower the risk of dealing with depression due to the routine owners follow to take care of their four-legged friends. They stay active and go out with their dogs regularly. The bond between them and their dogs help them stay positive. While looking at their dogs, the amount of oxytocin released in the body increases, making owners feel good.

5. Dog ownership decreases the level of stress

Interacting with a dog lessens the level of stress. There are companies that bring dogs to their offices to increase the productivity of employees. After playing with a dog, people return to work more energized.
Petting a dog, playing with him or even watching him reduces the level of stress. Dog ownership reduces stress hormones and the effects usually are significant and stronger than the level of stress caused by caring for a dog.

6. Dogs improve empathy in children

Studies also showed that children who grow up in the company of dogs tend to be highly empathetic than those who don’t own a dog. Furthermore, children who are raised around a dog have their immunity increased and are less likely to deal with allergies.

7. Dog owners benefit from an increased immunity

Dogs expose their owners to a lot of germs, increasing their immunity. That’s why dog owners get sick less often.

8. Dog ownership improves the sense of security

Dogs increase the level of home security and induce people the sense of security, which is good both for mental and physical health.

9. Preferences for dog breeds are related to owners’ personality

People’s preferences for specific dog breeds reveal their personality. Studies showed that people who own toy dogs are more intelligent while those who own utility dogs like bulldogs are more conscientious. Furthermore, dog owners are more open and friendly than cat owners. On the other hand, dogs tend to borrow their masters’ personality traits.

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