Four Things to Know About Your New Cat

New Cat – Cats are one of the best pets you can get, offering fun play, cute antics, cuddles, and purrs. If you have decided to adopt a new cat or kitten, then you are probably curious to know as much as possible about your new furry companion so you can take the best care of them. Here are four things to know about your cat.

Cats Are Independent – But They Can Be Trained

Cats are known for their independent spirit and can’t be tamed as much as dogs. Why are cats so independent compared to dogs? Well, it is mainly because dogs recognize themselves as being part of a social hierarchy, whereas cats, while they can be social animals, have more of an equal structure where there isn’t a boss or ‘alpha’ animal in their groups.

They won’t recognize you as their ‘pack leader’ in the same way a dog would, but they can be taught habits. You can teach a cat to come when you call them or to play certain games with you. Some cats even like to play fetch like a dog! You don’t really have to train your cat at all, but if you want to, then the best way is by rewarding them when they do the thing you want them to.

Cats Use Their Litter Box Without Training

A cat or even a young kitten will usually use their litter box without being taught. This is because cats have an instinctive need to cover up their mess. Their ancestors would have needed to do this to hide from both predators and prey, and it is a pretty useful instinct for cat owners too! Unlike with a puppy, where you have to potty train it and put lots of newspaper out to avoid accidents, your cat is likely to find their litter box and see this as the best place to poop, as they will see it as the only place they can bury it easily.

Cats Communicate with You

Some animal psychology studies have shown that cats really only meow around humans. They use chattery, chirpy noises, and body language to communicate with each other or their prey, and are thought to only use meows to talk to us! All cats are different and some are more talkative than others, but you can learn what your cat wants when they meow or use certain behaviors such as how they hold their tails.

They Sleep a Lot

One thing that strikes many pet owners who have never had a cat before is how much they sleep. They need 12 to 16 hours of sleep a day, which they usually take in small ‘cat naps’ rather than one long session. This means your cat may seem quite inactive at times, but he might also decide to race around at 4 am!

Cats are awesome and you are sure to enjoy having your new cat in your life, so make sure you learn all about them!

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