4 Reasons to Consider Spaying or Neutering Your Beloved Dog

Neutering Dog – There are those who believe that spaying or neutering their dogs is cruel, but if you understood the long-term benefits this could have for your beloved fur baby, you’d perhaps realize that you are doing them a favor. Unless you are a breeder or would like just one litter of pups for family members and close friends, there is no reason not to have your female dogs spayed and your male dogs neutered.

In reality, it is healthier to have them ‘fixed’ younger in life because you could be giving your dog a better and longer life. Pet Care Facts about spaying and neutering have been well-researched and the evidence is in.

1. Health Benefits of Spaying Female Dogs

Did you know that a spayed female dog is less likely to get uterine infections and/or breast cancer which is fatal in approximately 50 percent of dogs? The mortality rate in cats is even higher! About 90% of cats that develop uterine or breast cancer succumb to the illness.

2. Prevention of Testicular Cancer in Male Dogs

Although the source WebMD doesn’t list the statistics, the information does say that male dogs are less likely to get testicular cancer if neutered. In addition, neutering a male dog prevents unwanted litters because all it takes is one female in heat anywhere in the neighborhood and your dog is off and running. This could also prevent tragic automobile accidents if your dog is running across a busy road to get at a female in heat.

3. Neutered Males Are Said to Be Better Behaved

According to many veterinarians and training specialists, male dogs attach more easily to their human families if they are neutered. If you find your male dog or cat marking their territory by spraying all over your home, there’s not much you can do to stop it except to have them neutered. It is a natural instinct within males to mark territories in warning for other males to stay away.

4. A Marked Decrease in Overpopulation

If you doubt the fact that there are literally millions of unwanted dogs around the country, take an afternoon to browse the Internet. Look at humane societies around the country to see just how many dogs there are waiting for a forever family. While some parents like their children to learn about the miracle of giving birth and feel that watching the short gestation cycle of dogs will aid in this lesson, what are you really going to do with the pups once they are born?

A responsible and loving dog owner will ensure that their dog is given the best opportunity to live and thrive to a ripe old age. Not only can some diseases be avoided by spaying or neutering your dog very early in their lives, but you will also be giving them a better chance at being cared for. If you can’t get rid of unwanted pups and haven’t the heart to take them to a shelter, you will have several dogs to divide your attention between. Unless you are a breeder, spaying or neutering your dog is just the right thing to do for everyone involved.

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