20 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds in The World

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds – The common saying is that, unlike dogs, cats are aloof, independent and cold. The general rule is that cats value their self-space a lot more than dogs do, but despite what dog enthusiasts might think, cats are also very loving loyal animals, and they do provide the much-appreciated love and companionship human keepers crave.

Many cat breeds create a strong bond with their families. Sometimes they even create a particularly close relation with their favorite member of the household. If you happen to be this person you should know that you are very privileged!

Each cat’s personality is different, and there is no certain way to ensure how people-friendly any cat will turn out to be, or how much commitment and affection they will show to their owners. On that regard, there are indeed a few breeds that are noted because of love for people, and that are believed to be the most loving and loyal cats to have in your home.

If you are interested in an affectionate cat breeds, see the list bellow for our best suggestions.

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds in The World


Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


Sphynx are outgoing and extremely cuddly cats who will come to you without hesitation for some quality snuggling time.

They are considered as the friendliest feline, warm by nature (both on their hearts and on their skins). They will greet you every day and cuddle right next to you when you sleep, keeping you company on your own bed.

Once you get to know them, you’ll realize they are very chatty and pretty soon you’ll want to talk back to them. Whether you’re far carrying him in your arms or you’re in the same room, he won’t care…as long as you are near!

And remember, if you are planning on going out a lot, you’ll want to get him another cat or a cat-friendly can to keep him company. They hate being alone.

Javanese and Balinese

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


Javanese and Balinese cats are probably the most loving felines you’ll ever find. They can’t help themselves but to really love their humans, and that’s why they hang around so much around you.

They are really chatty and have a unique ability to understand your mood. Which means when you’re feeling up, he’ll make you feel even better by cuddling with you; and when you’re feeling down, he’ll be the first to sing you a thrilling and soft song.


Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


Snowshoe are extremely lovable cats that may come a bit strong: they can’t stop showing love and affection and will probably become full-time attention seekers. They love to shower their humans with their gentle pats, their small nose, hugs, and whatever caring gesture they can offer.

They also demand a lot of quality time from their family, which means once they get their paws on you, you’ll have a difficult time escaping. Plus, they will follow you anywhere, even to the bathtub.


Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


Siamese cats spend most of their days following around their humans. They love to as well as cuddle on your lap and sleep by your side, never wanting to leave you for long. From the moment you walk into the moment you walk out the door, they will be very close, trying to stare at you with their watchful gaze.

They are very affectionate and loyal cats but they don’t like to compete against other pets for your attention- Although they can develop strong bonds with one person, it doesn’t mean they can’t love someone else too. They do ignore anyone they don’t like, though, and they only give their full attention to a person when they chose to.

Overall, Siamese cats are a very demanding breed. But they are worth it.

Havana Brown

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


We are extremely loving cats and they’re constantly seeking attention and affection. Siamese cats respond to affective gestures, and they will also physically reach out to you for some petting and cuddling whenever you’re near.

They love it when you pat their heads or stroke their bellies, so be sure to make them happy with some quality time, especially if they go out of their way to follow you around and extend their pass for some loving.

American Curl

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


Most people find their curly ears adorable and irresistible. These American cats have a never-ending desire to be adored: they thrive on attention and give as much as they receive, so be sure to open your arms to their showers of love and positive energies.

American Curl cats hold no restrictions: they will be affectionate to anything they hold dear, including cats, dogs, and people. They have an easy time becoming very intimate with humans and animals so expect them to spend a lot of time curled in your lap, hanging on your shoulders, and rubbing you with their tiny paws.

Be ready for some snuggle time!


Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


Oriental cats require a lot of commitment: they are very depending on their masters, as much as they are trusting. They often show adoration and love by nudging, nuzzling, and letting ou a ton of comforting purrs.

Their companions will enjoy a lot of affection. However, if you leave them alone for too long they get will get mad and scold you the minute you enter your house. It happens when they are extremely devoted to you, so when you see their devotion, be sure to reciprocate with your loyalty!


Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


LaPerm cats are as loving and affectionate as they are curly, which is a lot! They get in tune with their human’s emotions and won’t doubt to seek some quality time when you’re feeling bad. Good for us, we all could use some gold-old snuggles during our sad times.

And also, they are hypoallergenic, so it means they can cuddle without worrying you about allergies.


Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


They won’t demand your attention as they prefer to lay back and relax. However, they’ll be around you constantly, whether is accompanying you to the restroom or helping you around in while you’re washing dishes. They love a good splash!

They really enjoy the spotlight, but they aren’t needy cats who need to meow until you give them what they want. Instead, they’ll wait until you join them patiently. They’re not shy around strangers either, which means they’ll often venture forth and meet your guests with nudges and soft purrs.

Many people believe they’re the perfect choice for families because they grow very fond of children, and also because they’re really playful and get along with most dogs (as long as they don’t bark or bother me too much).


Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


Ragdoll breed is as big and fluffy as they’re easy.going, just like a ragdoll. They’ll even go limp when you carry in your arms, which they’ll let do even to total strangers.

They are friendly but they never become annoying. Instead, they are docile and show love by collapsing beside their humans, curling on their laps, or flopping down at petting distance.

They adore being cuddled and cradled but they prefer playing with people. In fact, they have gained the name “Puppycat,” and some Ragdoll cats can even learn to play fetch and walk on leads.

As they are mostly an indoor cat they get very attached to their owners, so be sure to spend a lot of time with them every day.

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Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


The Persian cat thrives on attention and is happier when he is around their loving families. Their long fur requires maintenance and care, though, so daily brushing sessions are the perfect way of both creating a bond with your Persian pet and keeping him beautiful.

They do love to be hugged, admired, and stroked, and they greatly value some quiet time sitting on the laps of their favorite people. They are good by nature, laid back and elegant, and generally, don’t go seeking adventures too far outside.

Their classic longhaired look is a great choice for both families and to become the spotlight of a lone owner.


Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


The Tonkinese cats are the hybrids of the Burmese and the Siamese cat breeds, and they inherited the warmness, outgoing and friendly traits of their ancestors. They are more sedentary and laidback that Siamese cats, and have warm and sunny personalities that go along an attractive personality.

Like both their parents, Tonkinese cats are people-pleasers and love hanging around their families. They are also very active and smart and enjoy playing with people as well as resting and relaxing. Overall, the Tonk breed is a happy and easy-going cat that enjoys human company.

Devon or Cornish Rex

smartest cat breed


The Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex cats are two distinct breeds. However, these curly-coated breeds have very similar personalities: they are inquisitive, affectionate, laid-back, and love playing with their families. They often bond strongly with the older children or the kids with the best behavior.

They prefer being around you without pestering you, but they also may approach you and hang around your shoulders as you go about your duties around the house.

Either the Cornish Rex or the Devon Rex are excellent picks for families looking for a loving and affectionate feline friend.

Egyptian Mau

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


They are touted as the oldest domestic cat breeds and as the only cats with a naturally spotted coat. The Egyptian Mau cats may look wild, but their personalities are soft and they love spending time with the people they care about.

They are also very happy animals and they tend to wiggle their tails like a dog, knead with his paws on your lap, and emit sounds that seem more like a chuckle than a meow.

They have reputation for being really friendly to other cats as well as people, so they are a good pick if he’s going to be your second or third feline.

Maine Coon

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


The Maine Coon are elegant cats with pleasing personalities. While they look like tiny and adorable kittens, their devotion comes in large sizes: they’ll want to be around you all the time, and they can turn out to be a little clingy.

There are no strangers to the Maine Coon, and they usually go nicely with dogs and children as well, which explains why they wear the nickname “Gentle Giant.” They enjoy playing like raccoons dunking toys in a water bowl and delivering headbutts to furniture and people.

The all-American breed weights around 16 pounds, four pounds more than the average domestic cat. Their coat comes in various colors and requires regular grooming.


Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


The origins of the Birman breed are unknown, but cat lovers do know they are cute, affectionate, loyal, and beautiful. With deep, blue eyes and a luxurious puffy fur, the Birman’s face wins the hearts of cat enthusiasts all around the world.

Besides being adorable, the breed really enjoys the company of humans and pet companions. They are easy to handle and have a sweet attitude around kids.

Exotic Shorthair cats

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


The Exotic Shorthair cats are affectionate with their families, probably more than any other breed. In fact, they don’t take loneliness very well and tend to end up ill when they are left alone too much time.

They very gentle they prefer hanging around where the family gathers so everyone can enjoy their company. More so, the Exotic Shorthair is really good at going along with other pets.

Bombay cats

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


The Bombay cat is a rare and less-known breed but widely recognized among cat connoisseurs for the love they show to the families that take them in. These beautiful black cats rarely meow or make any sounds, which is one of their most remarkable features. Bombay cats are quite and kind, but they also like cuddles and affection!

Scottish Fold cats

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


The Scottish Fold cats look really sweet thanks to its tiny ears folded forwards and downwards. They have an adorable appearance and an adorable character as well: the Scottish Fold are kind and friendly cats, and they can adapt very easy to your any family’s lifestyle.

They are docile cats that willingly accept other people, pets, and children. They are usually quiet and laid back and home, but they also love getting some strokes and attention.

Mixed-breed cats

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


All cats can love their families and partner if you give them the proper love, games, and time. If you still don’t know which is the right breed for you, you could always to an animal shelter and see for yourself what kind of cats are looking for a home. If you treat them well, almost any animal can become a sweet and loving living being!

Both mixed-breed and common cats can be incredibly affectionate. Of course, it doesn’t mean that other breeds aren’t warm, it depends on the cat’s personality, training, environment, and care!

How about your cat? Share with us the personality of your cat in the comments bellow!

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