Creating More Spacious and Alive Living Room by Minimalist Design

Minimalist Living Room Ideas – Inspired by the Eastern culture and philosophy, minimalism is already become a lifestyle in this modern life, particularly in interior decorating. “Less is more” has been the motto for minimalism; means less furniture in the room will give more energy in the room space.

Well, if you need to choose only one room in your home that need to be designed in minimalist way, the best decision is apply the concept to your living room. Minimalism concept in living room interior decoration is smart way indeed, you may enlarge your living space with limitless amount of clean and pure energy. Moreover, for you who really love clean and neat situation, less furniture will help you to clean the room much easier.

Even interior expert claims that too much furniture in the room can block the energy and give clutter impression. Because live in the living room is not about enjoying the merrier of furniture, yet about having a comfort feeling to make the house becomes proper to be called as a home. More than it, aesthetically, minimalist living room will presence a sleek and contemporary ambience; and indirectly provides a pure and filtrated energy inside the room.

Tips for Minimalist Living Room Design

Simple Colour Integration

Minimalist Living Room

Colour integration plays important role in interior decoration. Monochrome can be one of the good choices to create a minimalist living room, moreover monochrome presences a modern and crisp nuance. Yet still, a challenge can’t be avoided in choosing monochromatic colour, because having a lot white scheme for sure needs extra attention to keep the room clean.

There are so many simple colour integration you can apply other than monochrome, and simple colour is always easy to achieve in any type of home. Try to start with two basic neutrals and combine with a pop of colour. While to create a unique accent, you should consider choosing bright colours.

Natural Scheme

Minimalist Living Room

Bring the nature inside, minimalist concept will be good to combine with the colours and texture from nature. Creating a modern feel by finishing the room with some stones and wood will be adorable. It’s easy to integrate and go well along the minimalist design. For further consideration, letting the sun light come engrossing the room will be great and support the modern vibe of minimalist living room.

Enlarge the Space

Furniture is the most bulky thing which will spent your space in the living room. Now, let your mind to think more about giving more free space to the family’s activities. Consider what furniture you prefer stay in your living room, and try to eliminate some unbeneficial furniture. It doesn’t mean you have to throw it away, just move it to another room or store it in your warehouse.

Shelving Secret

Minimalist design always cares to the clean and neat situation. Here is the challenge; to make the room still functional and effective with all beneficial utensils, but still keep the tidiness and cleanliness both in vertical and horizontal. Here we tell you the trick, it’s can be paid off by closed cabinetry and shelving. Yap! Keep the cluttered as a secret; hide all of the useful utensils inside the cabinet and shelving, straightforwardly you will have more surprising space to live.

Less is Always More

You should always remember this motto; “less is more”. If you make that motto as the fundamental of your working in revamping living room, the result will never be disappointed. The principle is getting rid unimportant furniture and let the beneficial ne stay inside, because your family is raising there so you need to think the best decision.

Nevertheless, it’s probably confusing, so take the time to see if you need or if you miss it being in the room. Whatever they are painting on the wall books, toys, embellishment, you name it. Don’t stuck inside the confusion and flurry, because you always can add more lately, and find more ideas in another day. Indeed it needs more energy, but it’s all about refreshing.

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Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Charming Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

In this design you can see the beautiful vibe presented by the plain white walls that allows various colours furniture blend themselves so great. Yet remember, keep stay in one scheme, too much colour combination will dispel the elegant nuance.

Like this one, the basic colours blending get along very nice with the geometrical area rug. As additional enlargement, the wide glassy window is inviting the sunlight during the day and let you stay with the night sky and the stars during the night.

Monochrome Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Monochromatic scheme may help you provide the balance in the place. The combination of black and white in this room, make it looks spacious and elegant, also really representative to minimalist concept. It only keeps the tremendously useful furniture and eliminates the unbeneficial embellishments, which eventually provide the calm and relaxing ambiance.

Comfortable Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

There are so many perception of comfortable, and this design is one of the examples you can go with. Certainly you can feel the comfortable when you stay inside there, two identical white sofas facing each other, engrossed by a black sleek pendant in between. Let you having an enjoyable and comfortable chatting with the family, or merely give you a space for lying down lazily.

Minimalist Living Room Inspired by Feng Shui

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

As everybody knew, Feng Shui tells so much about decoration. Inspired by the Feng Shui, this room provides the balanced ambience. In this case, you might need more knowledge about Feng Shui, yet if you don’t really know about that, just copy apart of this amazing balance design is not a big matter.

The point is to bring the comfort and nice room for the family, by arranging the furniture and giving a natural colour combination. In this room you can see the amazing furniture arrangement plus natural beige colour combination which are very adorable.

Bright Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Here we go again with monochromatic theme. It is amazingly provided by the bright appearance of creamy tones. Complete with a wide glassy window providing natural light that you can open-closed whenever you deserve. The ambiance of the room presence a light hearted nature in the wide and spacious living room.

Contemporary Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

The contemporary style is really visible by the existence of grey sofas with the square motif, matching with the grey flooring. The sofa smartly facing the glassy wide windows, make the room looks more spacious and bright. The sofa as a central part is engrossed by glassy table in the same colour tone, and surrounded by modern painting on the wall.

Sleek Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

By seeing the nuance, we can directly feel the energy of this room. The texture brings the zing in the room and creates specific eclectic feel in minimalist arrangement. Look at the combination! Very adorable! The pale blue damask patterned sofa, tripped wooden floor, shag area rug, and valued art work come together as a mixture of amazing visual effect. Without including too much natural light, this spacious room already looks so bright because of the calm colour combination.

Remarkable Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

For a room which is not really wide, minimalist design is a must. Simply arrange two simple sofas and the table above a pale colour rug is tremendously affective and nice. It’s not consuming too much space and cosy. For embellishment, adding some pendant lights, plants, and some wall attached decoration.

Neutral Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Modern; the very first word that come to your mind when you see this design for the first time, isn’t it? The arrangement looks unique and exquisite, neutral colours blend very great in the white room, result a modern industrial style. The room don’t have too many bothering furniture, only some important things you mostly need, to provide an amazing comfy spacious room.

Sunbathing Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Natural light is always the best illumination for the living room; it makes your room more alive. Certainly you can invite the sunlight by providing simple wide windows, especially glass window. Imagine you enjoy your tea or coffee in the morning, with the exposure of healthy sunlight. The view will be more stunning if the window is located in the right corner. Then you can simply use simple curtain, instead of heavy drapes.

Accent wall

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Accent wall will help you solving the dark shades, and make your small room looks more spacious. You also can use fun and printed wallpapers or DIY designs to make it more delightful.

White Snow Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Wow! This white design looks like bringing you to the snow field. Perhaps some of you think it’s creepy, however actually for you who can enjoy, it looks really elegance and clean. To reduce the creepy feeling, locate light colour furniture that may brighten your living room. This white design is also very proper to be mixed and matched with another neutral colour tone.

Sophisticated Grey Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Open space design is certainly providing spacious feeling into the room. The square style decoration make it looks modern and the combination with the grey colour make it looks more sophisticated. This type of room is very suitable for relaxing together with your family. Merely lying down in the sofa while watching TV or having a movie together. More than it, this room is directly connected to the kitchen, easier you to take the snack or cooking something in the middle of your movie watching.

Industrial-Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Directly facing the swimming pool, this room take the “water” as the centre of interest. The room is separated to the swimming pool by the glass sliding door, perfect for resting and enjoying the meal after swimming, like in a tourist resort. The dark grey looks very stunning and creates an industrial as well as minimalist room nuance. Simple yet sophisticated.

Neutral Backdrop for Cheerful Accent in Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

White wall perfectly give you a chance to pour all colour scheme you love. White as a neutral backdrop gives the light to the cheerful yellow rug and unique drum table. Two white sofas are also support the delightful nuance.

Goods Utilization For Minimalist Living Room Decoration

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Look around into your living room and examine what potential thing to be stood out. Instead of creating new ambience with a lot of strange decoration, arranging the room with fundamental element you already built into the room’s foundation will be stunning.

For example you have nice wooden floor, arched doorways, or unique windows style that can be the centre of room interest, don’t hesitate to stand it out. In the picture we served, the chosen greatest style asset is located on the exposed brick wall. The designer is managing only small amount of furniture to focus on the wall as the primary embellishment.

Free Style Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

There are always guidelines to achieve a design style you deserve, but you don’t always need it as your creativity blowing up. Minimalist concept always cares to the lack presence of furniture and mostly the furniture has the same style. Notwithstanding, free up your mind to manage everything you have and you like is never wrong.

You probably stuck with the rules which is said that nesting table never be harmonize with poufs, stack of books, or side table in minimalist concept. But in this sample design you can see that all those goods are managed well and great producing a minimalist living room. Thus, free style might be risky yet it also could be tremendously adorable.

Show Your Personality

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Interested in minimalism doesn’t mean that you have to burry your design preferences. Don’t hesitate to showcase your personality into your living room design, because the beautiful of simplistic design is that it allows you to showcase your design preferences.

Take a look to the room picture we provided, the minimalist vibe is clearly seen yet also show a subtle rustic style because of the presence of organic materials and twinkle light. Both of rustic and minimalist concept work together very adorable. Furthermore, actually all design styles can be matched with minimalist concept as long as you can combine the design and don’t go too much with the style.

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