Mid Century Modern Living Room, Enlivening Your Home with New Distinctive Interior Style

Mid Century Modern Living Room – Interior design is not a simple thing indeed, no wonder if you feel confused in designing your house, especially the living room. Living room is one of the centre areas in the house, a place where all of your family member in the house gather and foster an intimate relationship each other. Thus, so many aspects you have to examine, the room functionality, amenity, comfort, cosiness, and other detail things that came to your mind.

Assessing and mimicking the existing design is the easiest way to determine your preference style. However still, there are a tons of interior styles perhaps will be confusing. It would be more uncomplicated to pick a modern style nowadays commonly used. The furniture and other items will be easily adapted and got in the market. Yet aside from that, one famous style that these days quite favourite by citizen is mid-century modern interior design.

You probably are not really aware with this type of interior design, notwithstanding many contemporary and modern interiors love this style because of the unique blending into the modern style. Even it infiltrates from 50’s, mid-century modern looks fresh and the existence is worthy to be called timeless. Mid-century modern style even looks more delightful and extraordinary; it has bright, airy and some negative spaces around it to make it feel more spacious.

Tips for Generating Mid-Century Modern Living Room

With no guideline, sure you will be puzzling in adapting mid-century design. Certainly you need to know the details and the step-by-step to build an innovation that can enliven your living room. So, here we come to you with the tips!

Powerful Colour Platte as The Kicking Off

Choosing colours is important; ensure that you pick the matching colours to neutral white or grey colour. For instances, you can play with tangerine, avocado, and other dark pastels that also can create statement look.

Furniture Selection

It would be worthy if you choose good quality furniture. The mid-century design is commonly related to Palm Springs, while Palm Springs home is typically has good furniture. So, ensure that your furniture will stand the test of time and eventually a mid-century modern paradise is no longer a dream.

Classic Mid-Century Chandelier

Illumination is one of the most prominent things on enlivening the ambience. Aside from that, lighting is a big matter concerned by mid-century living room decoration. Mid-century chandelier will greatly represent the style and perfectly stand out as stunning statement piece over the lounge area.

Play with Texture

Don’t ever forget this aspect, texture, will be the key or your design. In mid-century design, the most general used texture is probably velvet. Velvet represents the feeling richness as well as comfortable fabric for any kind of sofa.

Size Consideration

Avoid cluttering up your living room using oversized furniture; being wise! Take time to examine the proper and smart furniture match into your living room, even the small one is smart to build spacious feeling. Other than size, space impression could be created by colour, choose neutral colour to build wide impression.

Nature; an Exterior into Interior

Nature always leaves a freshness, do don’t hesitate to take some natural touch into your mid-century living room. Surprisingly, more than freshness, exterior touch from the nature will vitalize the nuance.

Glam Element for the Elegance

So many luxurious-looked items you can find in the store, mid-century modern style need this. Go glam with furniture such as high-quality mid-century lighting design or marble side table could be your choices.

Go with Accessories

Be wise on choosing accessories; ensure that the accessories are suitable to this theme design. Try to enhance your living room with vintage pieces or luxurious appendage. More than it, you likewise can go with embellishment which is representing your personality without going too much.

Decorating in Pleasure

Redecorate is indeed not a trivial activity and needs energy; yet don’t go without your happiness with you. Innovating and creating something fresh and new into your living room surely challenging as well as wonderful. Thus, go with fun; if you tired just stop and continue in another day, or invite all member of your family to go fun work with you. Unconsciously, your good mood and smart psychological condition will improve the result amazingly.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas

Eventually, we come to the real design samples to give you real imagination. Let your eyes pampered by this beautiful picture and let your mind go drowned under your creativity.

Small Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Red, blue, brown, and other colours collaborate very nice in white background. More than the colours, various types of furniture are likewise going very great and appealing, although in the small room. Enhanced by rounded unique pendant as the illumination over the dark, the day light is dancing beautifully into whole of the living room, thanks to the wide glass windows around.

Montecito Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Spacious feeling is the first impression when first time we see this picture. This design shows that wide area doesn’t mean very many decorations located. It would be good to use only a portion of the room, in example the area next to the fireplace with extra nature scenery presented by the wide window. This Montecito mid-century living room create a fresh ambience and perfectly relaxing over its elegance.

Los Angele Style Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Look so modern yet unique! Some contrast colours are playing together, enhancing the monotone dark and light tones. Everything is managed in their good position and the light come from the right side. The gold flooring lamp that arcs towards coffee table looks stand out and perfectly prettify the decoration.

Opened Exterior View Mid-Century Modern living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Wooden flooring combines with white wall support the window-wall. It is very amazing that you easily enjoy and relax inside the room as well as inside the nature. The black sofa around the geometric patterns rug balances the nuance and helps the elegance live.

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Druid Hills Mid-century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Wow! An upstairs living room area; It is such a unique and fascinating place to gather with family, pampering the eyes with the surrounding view and enjoying the sun light brighter. Moreover, the collaboration of the wood flooring and grey sofa is so creative and appealing, plus extra geometric mid-century chairs that enliven the theme.

Busch House – Living Modern Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Wide room in dominant wooden material, combined with the same tone flooring, sofa, and wall looks classic as well as elegance outright. Giving a comfy zone for enjoying the outdoor view via the glass wide windows and the sky light via the roofs pitch; the sun light freely enters the room from any directions. The fire place likewise stands out a view point that is faced by the chairs.

Delightful Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

This living room looks so neat and clean, likewise bright and fresh due to some blue decoration, combining very great with grey shag rug and chairs. We can see the spectrum of light merges with glossy oak wood floor surrounded by clean lined sideboard and contemporary art work attached on the white wall. Aside that, the room is enhanced by wood base floor lamp that gives chic outlook and represents mid-century living room very well.

Shining Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

A nostalgic retro champ is also good choice for mid-century modern living room. This living room looks super charming due to the pastel green geometric wallpaper. It is collaborated with dark walnut sideboard and white upholstered wing back chair complemented with the quirky deer stature on the wall, the typical elements of mid-century design.

Unique Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Again you can play with the exterior view. The living room is enhanced by the outdoor view through the wide glass window on one side of the wall. The black fireplace is extremely unique, has the same tone with the contemporary chairs. Surprisingly, that modern decoration goes along tremendously nice with warm tone of the wooden flooring and TV stand. This combination provides e good harmony and charming aesthetic.

Lodge Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Wide glass window is always typically had by mid-century modern living room, to let the sun light enhance the room freely. The designer put the fireplace in the middle set a distinctive and comfort note in the room. However, the most standing out decoration is the red flokati rug which is merged with rounded wooden table. They all team up very cool and comfy inside the white wall room.

Danish Style Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

The tone colour of the room is dominant in gold and brown nuance. They are decorated in one straight decorative line, providing a peaceful and beautiful appearance, likewise worked so harmonist. It’s typically Scandinavian mid-century living room, precisely Danish style.

Eclectic Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Contemporary and modern outlook is displayed in nice arrangement, providing bright and clean appearance. This living room applies eclectic impurities look and it’s easily done in white backdrop. The mid-century looked is represented by the armchair with noisy grey cushions located on the ethnic carpet. The artwork mounted on the wall creates a modern vibe, eventually completes this mid-century modern room.

Girlish Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

The colours of this living room really represent an energize lady, the pink sofa with contrast orange pillows, combined with orange shaggy rug. Every colour in every part of decoration stands out so bold and dominant, played their own role to embellish the white room, and eventually collaborated very well each other. Also thanks to abstract painting mounted on the wall above the sofa which enlivens the dull and monotone white wall.

Formal Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Formal doesn’t mean boring, like this warm and calm living room. The arrangement looks solemn yet choosing unstuffy furniture. The colour scheme produces a natural colour scheme in integration with natural materials, like the stacked stone fireplace and mid-century wooden oval coffee table on the rug. The natural ambience is supported by the glass window; adding an extra spacious view and brighten the room.

Dingy Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

We can’t rebut the contemporary and modern look in this living room, likewise the dark and moody ambiance, because they really dominate the room. Yet somehow this living room is still so interested and engrossed. The unique one that we’re sure you also notice is the red floor lamps; flanking the chair in perfect location.

The lamps are typical of mid-century style, while the comfy leather armchair easily adapts the ambience. Industrial accent is also caught by the eyes, especially created by the modern style glass window.

Cool Mid-Century Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

The industrial sideboard that is resettling the modern garnitures is extremely matched with the vintage pattern armchair next to it. This style is Scandinavian mid-century living room, with dominant vibrant and clean perk. They all are contrasting the white wall in simple and nice arrangement.

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Tranquil Mid Century Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

This living room looks so simple, uncomplicated, and really easy. Just some furniture embellished this room, collaborated in simplicity and builds a calm, lenient, and comfy ambience. This is a great archetype of mid-century styled interior. It has smart selection of furniture, like the brown tuft sofa flanked by two identical floor and table lamps. The simple oval mirror with brown frame is also proper placed to perfectly give an extra view in the room.

Turquoise Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

This turquois mid-century living room expose charming, relax, peaceful, and comfort impression. The turquoise colour really builds up the ambience, creating a delightful vibe that can help you release pressure and stay relaxed.

Capacious Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

This room is very large with elegant building and high ceiling which is dominated by white backdrop, super capacious and bright. The furniture with colourful tone truly breaks the monotone ambience of the room. The rug for instance, make the middle area so lively as well as functional, then completed by brown and orange sofas placed nicely to keep the room spacious and vitalize outright. That’s all adorns by the natural sun light entering the plenty high window.

Retro Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

This recent past design living room looks so harmonist and calm due to the one tone colour combination of glossy wooden flooring and the sofa. The sofa is nicely placed next to the window to let the light shine it and let your view wider. Embellished by green plant in the pot right next to the window, makes the room feel fresh and natural. More than it, it is supported by the unique wooden coffee table that is collaborated with grey fluffy rug.

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