10+ Beautiful Half Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

Half Bathroom Ideas – If you have a really small bathroom, sometimes you absolutely need these accessories : a sink, a toilet and etc. But, does it really make sense? No, it absolutely doesn’t. We assume that it will be the hardest thing to decorate or remodel a small space. However, it doesn’t mean hard to be done.

The only way that you have to do is finding out some inspiration. You could find it on internet, magazine and etc. In order doesn’t make your hands full, so here we are the small bathroom designs to inspire you.

Get to Know About Half Bathroom

half bathroom ideas

A half bathroom as known as a bathroom which has a toilet and a sink, but without tub or shower. Most people called it as a “powder rooms.” Some larger houses has half bath. Mostly half bath could be found on a public area of the house, so that it has easier access to guests. Moreover in a house with more than single residents, a half bath could be a very useful space. Because when the morning comes, it reduces pileups in the main bathroom. So it makes people more be able to use the toilet while waiting the main bathroom free.

Half bathroom has a quite variation of design. Some of them, there are extremely minimalist bathroom which only has a pedestal sink, toilet, storage cabinets and following by the other common features. Such as mirror makes people be able to check their appearance before going to the bathroom. In general, these room look like a small space. Because people perhaps don’t need more space to do the business there.

How to Remodel a Half Bathroom

half bathroom ideas

A half bath doesn’t always refer to the physical size. As the matter of fact, several of half baths are more larger than a full-size bathroom. However, a half bath doesn’t have bathtub or shower. But, it comes handy to avoid the family members jammed on the rush.

Don’t make any assume that your half bath is not an utility room, you can decorate it! Try to make it looks like an important space on your home. So, these are guideline points in order to decorate your half bath.

  • To make the room appears more larger, you have to replace your common lamp with recessed lighting
  • To add brightness and depth to the room, you can use pastel colors paint. As the alternative way, covering the walls by light colored or decorative wallpaper.
  • Make your plan simple. If you go overboard, you may end up with an uncomfortable cluttered room. Just hang a few hooks and another small pictures.
  • Make your shelf depends on the layout and size of your bath. Put it up high, in order to prevent bruises and bumps, because it’s a small room.
  • Some fixtures may need upgrade. Such as cracked, old or ugly, you can change them with something that suits the new decor.

How to Color the Half Bathroom

half bathroom ideas

As we know, small or half bathrooms could be a burden for us. Some others said that they need more space. However, the limitation of room prevents them to expand the half bathroom.

Using paint is an easy, cheap and effective way to make your half bathroom seems more larger. There are plenty of ways, but few tactics to bring more affection to your paint. Here we are 4 painting tips to make your half bathroom seems more larger.

1. Paint Using Light Colors

Half Bathroom ideas

The essential way to turn your bathroom into more larger is using light paint colors. For a larger appearance, some others believe that white color could make it. However, it’s just about perception to bring another sight among us.

The intention of this article is about optical illusion. Brightly colored wall and light, both of them are more reflective. As well as any space feel airy and open. In addition, light colors bolster the result of natural light. For instance, you can paint your half bathroom using icy blue, cream or the soft variations of blue and green.

Also, consider for other small bathroom paint color below :

  • Pearl Gray
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Pink
  • Aqua

2. Make Sure All Tone Seems Similar

half bathroom ideas

Even light colors make a half bathroom seems larger. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to paint the same color. Nonetheless, if you really expect to do that, keep all colors seems same tone is an alternative way.

Wall with light colors are great. However, if you try to set dark tiles in the shower or in the floor, the light colors will not predominate. Some the types of large contrast will plug up the space. Then, it shows how small your half bathroom really is. Surely, we do not want that happen to you.

3. Mix Wall Color and Tile Color

 half bathroom ideas

Back to previous tip about the same tone color over the bathroom. But, if you mix the wall color and the shower tile, it says you are golden.

Mixing your shower tile and wall color bring your entire bathroom as one continuous space. As you see from this picture below. The owner choose white tile for the shower and a darker wall color. Then, the bathroom seems like two separated rooms as a result.

A larger room automatically will be shown by mixing the wall color and the shower tile. Fortunately, if you have ceramic tile, you just keep it, don’t replace it. If it is impossible, you can paint your ceramic all in order to have it all mix in.

4. Paint Wall & Ceiling Using Same Colors

A trend of similar color, as you have noticed, can emergence the bright colors. The same applies for the walls and ceiling. But, a short ceiling becomes one problem on small problem on small bathrooms. As you can see, paint using dark colors on ceilings make it seems very low.

Make sure you are not using white color. Because it will stop one’s eyes right on the ceiling line. But, if you use the same color for the ceiling and wall, it will help eye travel easily all over the space, makes your bathroom appearance seems more larger.

5. Make Your Bathroom Seems Taller by Painting Vertical Stripes

half bathroom ideas

Certain bathrooms are wider and taller. Oftenly, we could not have both of them, and being left with a tall bathroom feeling untidy and a wide bathroom feeling tight.

Try to paint vertical stripes on the wall if you have short ceilings. That’s will help you to make small bathroom seems taller. As we just read before, the eye helped by paint colors to guide throughout the room. Because of vertical stripes, the human eyes are guided up and make it seems larger than it was.

Make sure that you have to stick to the same color palette when painting vertical stripes. Just make one shade slightly lighter than the rest of the wall bathroom. Be careful ! don’t give too much contrast to vertical stripes.

6. Make Your Bathroom Seems Wider by Painting Horizontal Stripes

half bathroom ideas

Another bathrooms have really tall ceilings, but didn’t have enough space. Don’t be fear ! Painting horizontal stripes giving it a larger appearance. As the same eye principle applies, because you are guided up the human eye around the bathroom.

7. Apply Light Colors on Windows, Doors and Moldings

half bathroom ideas

Avoid applying light colors on ceilings and walls. There are many elements and fixtures of the bathroom still able to augment or paint. For instance, windows, doors and moldings.

Paint your molding, window covers and wall trim in a lighter color than your bathroom walls. Soon, the wall will appear farther back when you just paint your moldings. It makes your half bathroom seems bigger than before.

8. Out-of-The Box Color Accents

half bathroom ideas

Next to this repetitive color mindset, also fill some bold splashes to the bathroom. Luckily, there are many ways to paint the half bathroom. Attempt bringing color to your radiator. Also, using a vibrant shower curtain or adding a colorful bathmat. As the matter of fact, if the hallway guiding into your half bathroom uses a darker color, it will ease a lighter color tone into the room. It will reassure the human eye to think it is a wide bathroom.

9. Coloring Accent or Statement Wall

half bathroom ideas

Let’s keep the theme boldly by coloring an accent or statement wall. Make sure you choose a favorite color first before apply it. Accent wall will keep standing out like no other, if you do with light colors all around. Also, make sure it still blends in with the whole of theme. Even it is just an accent wall.

There there are the number of half bathroom for another inspiration:

Small or Half Bathroom Idea

Half Bathroom Ideas

You can use tiles in neutral colors for small bathrooms modify designs. It will guide the human eye that space looks bigger and brighter than before. Also, add a small indoor plant or a poster will looks prominent an adding color.

Tight Half Bathroom Design

Half Bathroom Ideas

Choose a narrow sink is a right option if your room has a tight layout. This option will be a great idea for an attic or kids bathroom. In addition, choose a wall towel hanger for heating. It will heat, hung and dry your towels soon.

Silver Half Bathroom Floor

Half Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom’s floor are not always to be all white. If you want to modify, try using the tiles in a dark shade or a gray. It will be more perfect if you add a state of art small bathtub on the half bathroom.

Rustic Half Bathroom Idea

Half Bathroom Ideas

If you have a plan to modify your cottage, let me advise you to consider using wood for a rustic and natural feeling for your half bathroom. Narrow sink and a small shower made of glass can you put on to save much needed space.

Wooden Half Bathroom Interior

Half Bathroom Ideas

Feel cozy and charming are the most characteristic of the southwestern style. Using brown tiles for the flooring makes farmhouse theme resemble along with brass faucet for your bathroom. Try to add a small fuzzy rug to make the space feels warm.

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Blue Half Bathroom Backsplash

Half Bathroom Ideas

Modify your half bathroom appearance by changing wall tiles. You may choose any shade as long as the room keep in bright. Try to add something special based on user needed. One of the best choices is soft blue, it suitable for house around the beach.

Minimalist Half Bathroom Idea

Half Bathroom Ideas

Marble surfaces is the right choose if you want to apply a minimalist bathroom. The of the lines is clean, make it seems a modern bathroom. In addition, it also makes the bathroom space more organized and simple anytime. No wonder if this bathroom is very suitable for a bachelor’s house.

Focus on Flooring

Half Bathroom Ideas

Nowadays, flooring design is part of the space that most of people forget about. In order to provide a perfect combination, you can create a welcoming area and neat. On the other hands, you can also install a wooden flooring, because it grabs the human eye. Such a memorable experience for all.

Bring Movement On The Half Bathroom

Half Bathroom Ideas

This room is done with a gentle pattern. It looks so fresh and muted. As if you can enjoy a really classic look. Moreover, it feels going to spice up the space for you. Makes you give something to pride to your guests or visitors.

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When Classic Meets Vintage

Half Bathroom Ideas

This room combines a modern wall pattern with old fashioned colors. Such creates a safe space to achieve the right character to your job. This half bathroom looks so fresh and give a lot transformation.

As we talked about half bathroom before, this is related among modern and classic bathroom that you can put on the walls based on features its best parts. More fun or prominent, it depends by all your best!

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