10+ Most Popular Flat Faced Cat Breeds in The World

Flat Faced Cat Breeds – Cats are animals that people tend to feel one of two ways about: they love them, or they hate them.  For the majority of us who adore cats, we all have our specific breeds and types of cats that we prefer, but we can all agree that generally speaking, cats are absolutely adorable and make perfect companions.

Some of the most distinctive cats out there the flat faced cats, and these creatures with their big eyes and tiny squish noses can make the coldest heart melt.  The most popular flat faced breed would be the Persian, but there are a lot of other ones to educate yourself on, too.

Kinds of Flat Faced Cat Breeds

Exotic Shorthair

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

Starting as off are sweet exotic shorthair cats, who look like giant teddy bears moving around your home. These sweet cats tend to be affectionate, loving to curl up on your lap and play with you, but still unafraid to do their own thing while you’re busy with something else.

They have big eyes and tend to have big bellies to go along with them, all due to the fact that they are true couch potatoes and love to lounge around. You have to make sure that you can keep their weight down with a healthy diet and keeping them moving and playing to keep their health up.

These guys are known for having breathing problems, too, so you have to keep a close eye on them during the hot months, especially.

Himalayan Cat

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

These are kind cats who love to hang out with humans, but also have a playful streak inside of them that makes them great for playing and making you laugh. These are a cross between the Persian and Siamese cats, both of which play a role these cats’ distinctive looks.

These are often thought to be one of the most desired cat breeds in our world because they are gorgeous, and love to be independent as well as sweet and cuddle to humans of all kinds. These sweeties can be troublemakers, though, as they genuinely enjoy making trouble when left alone!

Scottish Fold

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

From their name, these flat faced cats are known for the curl in their ears, which point up and give them a sweet and unique look. These are unique cats that stay very young at heart, acting as sweet and playful as kittens even when they are older in life.

They are known for being kind and gentle in nature, too, making them the perfect choice for homes with kids or other animals. They love playing directly with humans and curling up with them for a nap. Known for the large eyes, these cats can have either long or short fur, depending.

They absolutely love to sit on their back legs, which leads to a lot of pet parents taking hundreds of photos.

Selkirk Rex

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

These are very unique cats due to the difference in their fur. Distinctive, it has small curls in it that are soft to the touch, and their especially large eyes will just melt your heart as soon as they turn their gaze on you. They also have large ears that make their eyes look even bigger.

They are sweet and gentle creatures that love to curl up with their humans and have a snooze. They tend to be lazier than a lot of cat breeds out there, making them perfect for that family that would prefer a calmer and quieter cat breed.

Persian Cat

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

As previously mentioned, this is one of the most popular flat faced cats out there. They have ben around for a long time, and are still well loved and enjoyed by many people who simply enjoy their look and charm. These cats tend to be especially affectionate.

They are really kind and loving towards humans and love to play and enjoy life to the fullest. At the same time, they are also known for lounging in the sun and enjoying a calm life. These are known for requiring grooming and upkeep, though, this is important to remember.

British Shorthair

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

Just one look at these little fluffballs and you will see just why they are so popular. These are giant fluffy teddy bears that absolutely love to cuddle and play with their humans. These are gentle cats that look and play the part of teddy bears.

They really enjoy a home with lots of people and can be trusted alone with their kids and other animals, making them popular in family homes everywhere. They don’t cause trouble and are laid back enough to enjoy life in all of its forms and shapes.


Flat Faced Cat Breeds

These sweet natured cats are all personality and sass without a doubt. A cross between a Burmese and the Chinchilla Persian, this cat breed is equal parts mischievous and sweet and gentle. The two parts of these cat breeds form together to give you an easy going cat in all situations that has a playful streak that likes to come out on a regular basis.

These cats love to knock things off counters and are known for being clumsy around your fragile belongings – whether it’s intentionally or not, is the question of the hour.


Flat Faced Cat Breeds

Last but not least, these sweeties are mini sized and adorable. They are always sociable and love being carried around like babies throughout their entire lives. They absolutely love being pet and played with. With their stubby legs, they leave nothing to the imagination as far as energy.

They will still bounce around and play as much as every other cat will. The best part about these sweet gentle creatures is that they hold onto that kitten personality from start to the end of their lives, making them great family cats.

All of these cat breeds have something to love about them, whether it’s their flat faces or the long fur. If you’re looking for the perfect family cat, one of these is sure to do the trick, and you will love all of the love they’ll give you!

Some Pictures of Flat Faced Cat Breeds

Flat Faced Cat Breathing

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

With eyes that simply melt your soul, how can you possibly look at this sweet, squished face and want to bring home any other cat?  This cutie has the adorable eyes that watch your every move, and has perfected the “Can I please have another treat?” routine.  This breed has problems with breathing, but is just so sweet you can’t help but enjoy having him around.

Flat Faced Cat Black

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

This black flat faces cat is absolutely adorable. His big eyes really do a lot to bring him further into the world of cuteness, though it’s not like he needs much help to begin with! This sweetie is obvious a playful critter that really like to hang out and simply enjoy life. He’s obviously one of the playful souls that make up a large population within the world of flat faced breed cats.

Flat Faced Cat Big Eyes

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

Anyone like box cats? This cat is certainly all about having the last laugh and enjoying life. One glance at those big eyes and you’re sure to get a chuckle at the very least. The best part about enjoying this cat is knowing that he’s going to be as sweet and playful every day, making him a friendly pet that is perfect for all families.

Flat Faced Cat Bowls

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

There’s nothing friendly about this flat faced cat with his bowl full of food. On the surface, anyway. But, if you know anything about a lot of the flat faced cat world, you know that a lot of times, this is just their basic expression. Underneath that fierce exterior is a fun loving kitty who simply has the resting cranky face that a lot of flat face cats have. This little guy is sure to be as friendly and loving as you’d like him to be.

Flat Faced Blue Cat

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

Okay, now this is just sweet. This flat face blue cat is a total sweetheart. You can see a playful spark in those eyes that make this simply adorable and will help you learn just how easily you can fall in love with a feline. This grey-blue cat makes a great addition to any life, and he’s got lots of personality to him.

Flat Faced Kitty Cats

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

This is one of the many kinds of flat faced kitty cats out there in terms of selection. This gorgeous critter has lots of fur that, while it may take a lot of grooming, is a great way to really enjoy a cat. Lots of fluff to enjoy when you are ready for a cuddle, and you’ll never have a problem trying to find him and hang out with him. Here he is, patiently waiting for his humans to come home so that he can have a great adventure.

Flat Faced Calico Cat

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

While you may have never seen it before, there is such a thing as a flat faced calico cat. Like some of the breeds we’ve talked about, this little one loves to sit up on her hind legs and watch what you’re up to. She makes a great companion that way and is all about enjoying being one of the gang that everyone loves to hang out with.

Flat Faced Dwarf Cat

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

This is a kind of flat faced dwarf cat that you’ve seen before in the popular meme, Grumpy Cat. As you probably know, this is simply symptom of his dwarfism, and he’s actually a fun loving and sweet cat that really enjoys hanging out with his family. This little guy is a popular kind of dwarf cat that will love to be part of your life and be your best friend through all of the different stages. Perfect for small and big families.

Flat Faced Cat Eating

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

Would this flat faced at eating a taco be considered cannibalism? It’s hard to say, but you have to admit that this sweetheart is absolutely adorable without a doubt. He seems more than fine to be dressed up in a taco costume and is even posing for the camera, which is absolutely sweet. Not a lot of cats you know that would be as chill with wearing a costume like that, right? You are what you eat!

Flat Faced Cat With Glasses

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

Flat faced cat with glasses is just adorable. You can see the character in the eyes of this furry companion, and how much he loves to be a goof. Cats are often said to be uptight, but you can see that this guy loves to be the centre of attention and is all about enjoying his own life while making sure he provides entertainment to others as well. How kind of him.

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