10+ Top Most Expensive Cat Breeds in The World

Expensive Cat Breeds – Cats are known to be some of the most popular pets around the world. Not only are they a delight from a visual standpoint, but their character brings in plenty of fun and excitement, and that’s one of the things that make them so distinct, to begin with.

Plus, cats are very clean and they are just a pleasure to be around most of the time. There are some cats which are rather expensive, though, some of them can cost thousands of dollars. If that sounds strange, here’s a list with some of the most expensive cat breeds in the world!

List of Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Norwegian Forest Cat

most expensive cat breeds

The Norwegian Forest Cat is coming from Europe, and you can easily see that it’s living in the colder climates based on how thick its fur is. They are originating from cats with shorter hair, but they adapted when they came to Norway around 1000 years ago. It seems that the original cats bred with the Turkish Angora and Siberian cats to develop this type of hair.

During the WWII, the Norwegian Forest Cat was close to extinction, but now you can find the Norwegian Forest Cat Club that tries to prevent that. You have to keep in mind the fact that there are some health issues to be had with these cats, as they can suffer from heart and kidney diseases, so you have to keep that in mind.

Purchasing such a cat will cost you $600 in total, but the price can differ based on age, appearance and other similar factors.

Egyptian Mau

most expensive cat breeds

Then you have the Egyptian Mau. As you can see from this picture, this particular cat is rather medium sized, and it has natural spots. It’s similar to the Bahraini Dilmun Cat from that perspective. This particular cat has spots only on the tip of its coat, and it seems that the breed originates from 1952.

And while some say that the Egyptian Mau does come from Egypt, the DNA tests showcase a European and North American origin. It may be that this particular type of cat brought the ancestors of modern cats. You will note that they have short legs and at the same time they have a dark dorsal stripe that can be found on their back.

The Egyptian Mau is perfect for kids because it can bring in front loyalty and friendliness, traits that you would like to see in the case of any cat.


most expensive cat breeds

The Siamese cat comes from Thailand, and it’s a natural breed, unlike others. There have been some genetic alterations, but those are mostly for their color. Other species like the Oriental, Havana Brown, Tonkinese, Balinese and Persian cat all come from the Siamese breed.

People in Thailand call the Siamese Wichianmat, which in translation means moon diamond. The Siamese was and still is a very common pet, it managed to boost in popularity during the 1900s mostly thanks to its attitude and intelligence. Some of these pets can live up to 12 years.

British Short Hair

most expensive cat breeds

British Short Hair Cats are very popular online. They have a broad face and a very chunky body. They can cost anywhere from $500 to $1500 or even more. It’s important to make sure that you focus on quality and results when you want to purchase one, as that’s how you get the very best results.

You will see that the origins of this particular cat will come from the first century as Romans used them at that time and they did interbreed with other breeds as time passed.


most expensive cat breeds

This cute Savannah cat is a combination of the domestic Persian cat and the wild African serval. It was created in 1986 by Judee Frank, a Bengal breeder. Soon afterwards, the breed became popular and widely accepted. This particular breed is known for the fact that it’s similar to dogs when it comes to loyalty.

They are very sociable too and they are not accustomed to strangers, they might growl or hiss if that is the case. You have to keep in mind the fact that these cats are very powerful and they can also jump very high. They are rather curious, enjoy exploration and like to play a lot, which is rather nice.

Scottish Fold

Expensive cat breeds

The Scottish Fold Scottish Fold is named like this mainly because it has a cartilage deformity that made the ear fold. Some consider them to have an appearance that is similar to owls. Until the 60s, the original name was Lop Eared or Lops, but things did change rather soon.

The original cat from this breed was a regular white barn cat, and when kittens were born with the same ear mutation, a new breed was created. If you want to purchase the Scottish Fold, remember that they can deal with deafness and mites. This is why you will see that the Scottish Fold can be bred with the American Shorthair or British breeds.

American Curl

Expensive cat breeds

The American Curl is known to be a very popular breed amongst people that love cats as a whole. They have curling ears which are rather distinct, and their eyes are expressive. Their body is rectangular, and you will also note the fact that they have a flat-laying, silky coat. This makes such cats very distinct!

This American Curl breed comes from a black female cat that had a longer coat, and it also had funny years. It was named Shulamith, and it was first found in California during the 80s.

Maine Coon

Expensive cat breeds

The Maine Coon is native to New England, and it’s very popular all thanks to the mouse hunting abilities and the fact that it can easily survive the harsher cold weather in the US Northeast. The fluffy tail, tufted ears, and the shaggy coat are among some of their most important traits.

Even if they are rather large and quite intimidating, they are kind and rather intelligent when compared to other breeds out there.


Expensive cat breeds

The Sphynx cat is known to be rather expensive, and its primary trait is that it lacks any hair on its body. It rose to popularity during the 60s, and that was mostly due to selective breeding. What you have to note here is that the skin does have a hair texture. However, the cat will lose a lot of body heat very fast!

In case you get a Sphynx cat, you will be amazed at the fact that this animal is an extrovert. Despite that, they are rather loyal and full of affection. That’s what makes them rather similar to dogs from some perspective. You will be greeted by the Sphynx cat and it will even be friendly to strangers as well, which is amazing.

Russian Blue

Expensive cat breeds

The Russian Blue is known to be a very expensive cat breeds; some were sold for around $3000 or more. The reason is rather simple, their fur is beautiful, and they are very friendly with humans. They have a colored, gray coat and they have been around since the 1900s. As you can imagine from their name, these cats come from Russia, and more particularly Arkhangelsk.

They are also known by the name Archangel Blues. They were brought to North Europe and the Archangel Isles during the 1860s. In the second world war, this cat bred with other breeds and this even brought in a combination of Russian Blue and Siamese. The Russian Blue can live anywhere from 10 and up to 20 years.


Expensive cat breeds

Peterbald can cost you thousands of dollars, so it can be a rather expensive cat. It’s rather similar to the Oriental Shorthairs, and it also comes with various types. You can find some that do have a bit of a straight coat, but others are simply born bald. They have a gene that makes them lose hair, which is why they are bald in the first place.

Despite being bald, these cats are great for kids because they have a sweet attitude and they are also rather smart. They are a recent cat breed when compared to others, as it was invented in 1994 as an experiment with the Sphynx cat.

Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat

Expensive cat breeds

There are lots of people that don’t want to have a cat because they have to deal with allergies. Thankfully, the Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat is one of those breeds that don’t require any extra care, and they don’t end up causing you any kind of health issues. That makes them a magnificent investment and certainly one of the best types of cats that you can purchase out there.

Their price is rather high, as it can range from $6000 to $28000 or so. There are lots of people that love them and the fact that they don’t have the Fel d1 protein that causes allergic reactions does work to your advantage. If you want to switch to this breed, you will be rather impressed with it and the value that it can deliver, that’s for sure.


Expensive cat breeds

The Bengal cat is one of the most expensive cat breeds out there. It looks like a wild cat, similar to a leopard or even an ocelot. The reason is simple, it was crossbred with the Asian Leopard cats, and that was rather impressive. The Bengal cat doesn’t have any wild temperament.

Since it was bred with domestic cats, that sense of wildness just faded away. That’s what makes it so distinct in the first place. It’s important to note that the development of this particular breed was rather accidental. These cats were bred as a study to understand the breed immunity to feline leukemia!


Expensive cat breeds

The Ashera is one of the most exotic domestic cats out there. They are similar to the Bengal cats, and they also originate from the Asian Leopard cats. They can cost around $100000. You will see these Ashera cats being walked on a leash sometimes, but you can also leave them without a leash if you want. They do need heat in the colder climates, as this is a cat that pertains to the regular, hot climates.

Cats are fantastic pets, but if you want to purchase the exotic breeds like the ones above, you will have to spend quite a bit of money. But they are always worth it, and they do provide you with the temperament and quality that you may need!

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