Chausie Breed Information and Apperance

Chausie – Got a thing for big, exotic felines? I just might be the purrfect cat for you. I show off a total exotic appearance that never ever fails to turn heads.

Let’s begin things off with my special coat. Can be found in 3 striking shades, specifically black, brown-ticked tabby and silver-tipped, my coat is short to medium in length and looks quite much like the ones wild felines have. It even feels wild– my overcoat has a rather coarse feel to it, which highly contrasts with my undercoat that is fluffy in texture.

My body can best be referred to as athletic. It’s neither large nor slim and has all the tell-tale indications of an effective and nimble cat. Apart from being well-muscled, my body is also really well-proportioned, that makes fast movements and displays of dexterity a piece of cake for me.


My legs are long and lean, which nicely complement my sporty physique. Remarkably, my hind legs are also a little higher than the front ones, offering me the appearance of always being all set for a dash. They likewise provide me an increase in height, that makes me almost twice as high compared with the majority of breeds of domestic felines.

My head is fairly long, but not too big. You can even state that I am a feline that quite appears like a miniaturized cougar in the beginning glimpse since I also have the popular cheekbones, strong chin and sloping forehead that closely look like that of my far-off cousin’s.

My ears huge and are longer compared to other felines. They are set close together and have little tufts of hair on them. As for my eyes, they’re more oval than almond-shaped and can either be available in gold or yellow. Some cat windows registries likewise allow slightly muted eye tones like light green and hazel for my breed.

It’s a good idea, too, considering that those hues are striking on me.

Chausie Cat Character


I am a brave feline. And extremely active, too, so anticipate to see me display my athleticism by climbing the highest, most out-of-reach areas around your house.

Oh, and if you ‘d like your breakable delicate house decor to stay ornamental– it’s most likely a great idea to stash those in very safe places. I am a specialist in getting into cabinets and cupboards to explore your China pieces and glass accessories, so you may wish to opt for a screen case with a lock or a door I can’t determine.

And I can determine most things ’cause well, I am extremely wise.

Typically, I use my intelligence for good instead of evil. Like, I’ll be cooperative when you want to teach me a trick or 2. I’m even video game for placing on a leash, opting for a stroll, and playing a video game of bring in the park. A dip in a neighboring stream does not faze me either.


I’m sensible that method. However not always. Don’t be shocked if I occasionally decline to obey your commands. It doesn’t mean I have not found out the technique– believe me, I have. I’ve probably just got my mind on much better things, like a toy I ‘d like to get my paws on.

Or perhaps I’m more in the mood for some Chausie cat type infoTLC. You see, regardless of my wildcat roots, I am very friendly and caring. I love bonding with my humans and I have no qualms about public displays of love. Expect great deals of mild head bumps, paw pats, and even a hug or 2 from me on a regular basis.

However usually just if you’re a full grown human. You see, I mostly do not have a problem communicating with human beings and other pets, however I’ve been known to be aloof as well as a bit aggressive toward extremely young kids. So make sure you supervise whenever you want me to fraternize your child.


The last thing I ought to point out about myself is that I can be a bit of a queen. Okay, that’s an understatement. I’m actually incredibly requiring when it comes to attention. And why should not I be? I deserve to be noticed. Always.

This indicates I won’t take it so well when left alone for long periods of time. And yes, you’ll know I’m pissed off by all the mischief I’ll get into around your home. Like I stated, I normally utilize my intelligence for great instead of evil (the operative word being normally).

But hell has no fury like a neglected, creative feline. When required to, I may turn to deliberately nicking furnishings and smashing up prized possessions around your home.

So let’s not let it get to that, all right?

Chausie Cat Ideal Home


I like my humans experienced in feline care. Absolutely nothing versus newbies, obviously, however my consistent requirement for affection and attention can be excessive for beginner feline fanciers to handle. That’s why I tend to go for human beings who want to dedicate substantial time each day just to play and bond with me.

And naturally it helps if you’re passionately indulgent, too.

Although I can easily get along well with cat-friendly canines and other felines, I’m not that client with very young kids compared with other breeds. Sure, I will still take part in video games with young children and babies, but I will not be that tolerant when the play gets too rough. Parents should always keep a close eye on me and their babies to avoid any unwanted events along the method.

Chausie Cat History


Believe it or not, I came down from the Egyptian Jungle Cat (Felix chausie), a breed of feline that lived in the wild and has been historically tape-recorded to have been around during the ancient times when pharaohs still ruled the land.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped the Jungle Feline for its stunning form and effective physique. They held it in such high regard that it’s not unusual to see mummified specimens of these nimble felines in the burial places of royal relative, high priests in addition to other powerful and influential people.

Veteran archaeologists even theorize that the similarity of the Goddess Bastet was based on the look of the Jungle Feline with her willowy body and big, pointy ears.

Now while there have actually been lots of instances of interbreeding between Jungle Felines and domestic cats long earlier, the practice of mating the 2 increased substantially in the 1960’s when the demand for exotic animals like tigers, leopards and bobcats ended up being somewhat mainstream.

Over the years, the Jungle Feline has been paired with a variety of domestic types, which produced a lot of intriguing outcomes. In the 1990’s, nevertheless, these breeding programs concentrated on the outcrossing of the Jungle Feline to domestic shorthairs and Abyssinians. The results of these pairings are the predecessors of the modern Chausies.

In 1995, The International Cat Association (TICA) awarded my breed its own Structure Registration status, which was ultimately raised to Assessment status 7 years later. TICA promoted it to Advanced New Breed in 2003.

We were lastly provided a Championship status on May 1, 2013.

Chausie Cat Health


There are 2 essential aspects that fanciers must remember if they wish to have me as a family pet. The first one is my need for energetic play and attention. Second, I need a great deal of area to climb up and sleuth around.

Additionally, I am vulnerable to digestive concerns. Some of us might require special gluten-free cat food to remedy this issue. And similar to all family pet cats, I have to go to the veterinarian every six months or so to keep me as hale and hearty as possible.

Stuff I Love


I am a hardcore climbing up enthusiast. So be prepared to see me do things like launch myself high in the air and scale the tops of your cabinets, closets and anything else high enough to be interesting. Or just get me something like this Go Family pet Club Big Cat Tree and I’ll primarily stay with climbing up that. No promises, though.

I likewise have loads and loads of energy that needs to be burned off so I’m going to remain in motion the majority of the time. ‘Though my very first choice is that you burn some calories best together with me by waving this beautiful Plume Wand in my face, I understand that human beings get tired pretty rapidly.

Simply get me something I can play with non-stop, like this splendidly automated string toy. It’ll keep me opting for hours.

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