Unleash the Luxury with the Best Baseboards Style

Unleash the Luxury with the Best Baseboards Style

1. Contrasting Trim

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When you decide to build up walls and willing it to seem more luxurious, you can add additional baseboards on the end and or the initial of wall to accent an elevation to the area. You do the same with the existing walls, not only for the new one.

Now, the first consideration is regarding the material. Appearance and cost is the main factor of concern while selecting the best fitted material for your house. However, every material has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantage, and here are several favourite materials that usually used on the baseboard project. But before you go further, you also will see some of the best baseboard style later. Make sure you choose them, both the material and the style wisely.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

MDF become a favourite since its easiness to get, to cut and to paint, manufactured in various shapes, and had an affordable price. MDF are made from wooden fibres mixed with resin and other materials, and literally can be classified as artificial wood substitute board. Nonetheless the texture is more compact and has higher consistency than wood, it lighter.


Softwood is another best choice for your baseboard material. Not just since its inexpensiveness, but also its easiness to trim. One of the popular softwood is pine. You can decide will paint it or stain it freely. It is usually available in primed and unprimed modes. If you want to make it painted, a primed one is better for you. However, if you want to have a stained one, the unprimed is more suitable yet it will make an informal look.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

One of the most favourite synthetic baseboard materials is PVC, since it flexibility is moulded or even trimmed. PVC is most commonly used as plumbing pipes material, yet now this plastic polymer can be found moulded as baseboard in so vary shapes and models. Since it synthetically manufactured you can find it on so many colour option, even in a wooden texture colour. It is more than just, of course, cheaper than real lumber, it also more convenience to be set. Pick the best suitable colour, model, and shape for your house and it will be perfect. Last but the most one best advantage from this material is its resistance.


For people who have enough budgets to buy not a synthetic material for their baseboard, hardwood is the best choice. A stained hardwood baseboard not only will give your room looks a high quality, but also it will make your guest felt the luxury and elegancy. One of the famous hardwood materials is oak wood; notwithstanding it has a high price. However, different wood type will affect the price. So, consider it wisely before you decide to pick the type; then select the style.

Baseborad Trim Styles

Baseboards Styles

Since the main function of the baseboard is to border the wall and the room interior, floor and ceiling, simple trimming style become the most favourite. It simply edges the wall; make a transitional feeling between the wall and the other room element. You can select any material for this style like we talked about before. However, one thing to remember is as it becomes the boundaries, it has to be contrasting to the other interior. The trim style nevertheless is the simplest baseboard, it always make your room looked more elegantly luxurious.

Baseboard Moulding Styles

Baseboards Styles

More decorative style than the trim models can be got by adding moulding ornament. You can entirely alter the trim into moulding or just place a moulding in every single top corner, the joint between wall and ceiling. More than just give a luxurious accent, it will also make a vintage elegancy in.

Modern Baseboard Styles

baseboards styles

More than just a short lining border in the interception between wall and floor, modern baseboard come with a higher style bold contrasting multi-layer border line. Normally it consist of 3 part, the bottom trim that intersect with the floor, the top border that edge with the wall, and the middle main section which become the centre of interest with contrasting accent to the entire room. The combination between those 3 parts surely delicate your room luxuriously sophisticated.

Hardwood Floor Baseboard Styles

baseboards styles

If your house entirely made up with hardwood flooring, picking a short lining baseboard will be great. Don’t be overwhelmed with the border since the floor is already luxurious. However a kind of short lining can make the luxury enhanced. You can also work with a harmony with the doors and windows frame than just with the top and bottom intersection border. The stained hardwood floor has enough vibe to bring elegancy, so don’t choose other colour than white for the entire bordering.

Different Baseboard Styles

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Other than the usual baseboard, this style is so different in the material. Yeah, it uses same material with the wall. Notwithstanding, it will still strongly influence the trim baseboard border appearance. It can be in medium height from the floor. Not too short, not too high. The best suit for both of the wall and the floor is its flat simple style, and not need any other decorative details.

Wood Baseboard Styles

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If you love a natural tone for your baseboard, the wooden style will be perfect. Need not to be painted; stained wood will make an enchanting elegancy with its natural colour and motif. However, you still have a choice to select which lumber you like, since every wood have it each specific timber motif. And also, every wooden species has its own pricing. So, select them wisely to match with your passion and budget.

Contemporary Moulded Baseboard Styles

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Although a moulded style is commonly looked classic and vintage, it still can be altered to be more up-to-date. You can choose a contemporary shape or models to be your moulding inspiration for your baseboard. A more fashionable modish style will also match with the entire room interior. However, you should still regarding the contrasting accent to reveal more luxury vibe into your room.

Simple Trimmed Baseboard Styles

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Simple trim also could be an alternative for a luxurious room look. The principle is bordering only all interception between wall and floor, the bottom line only. Since it very simple, the top border is not needed. The setting of the bottom trim can be very varied. It includes the height of the line and its thickness. Yet the best setting is depends on your room interior, the commonly used is medium height and thickness. Yes, medium setting is the favourite for this style.

Minimal Baseboard Styles

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Minimalist doesn’t mean the cheapest. It all depends on the material you choose. However, with a minimalist design you save some money or replace the material with the higher quality one. So, it more meant as economic. A minimal baseboard is always come in a flat line form, a minimal height and thickness. The key to be minimal is making all the design as in the bottom limit and not over it.


Cheap Baseboard Ideas

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Last but perhaps the best for you is making a luxurious but cheap baseboard. Of course for a low budget baseboard project, combining the minimal and simple trim style is become an obligation. Coming up by choosing an inexpensive material but have a good look, and then managing the border properties setting, height and thickness as always. One tips to save more money, choose an all-white already material; so you don’t have to spend more on painting or staining.


Painting or Staining

Contrasting Trim

The first consideration is the contrasting trim. Whether your baseboard will be painted or stained, it has to consider the contrast with the room circumference since it will draw attention onto them. Contrast trim will be well suitable for a large room with some pretty angles, yet just will make the small room going to be more confined, instead.

2. C

2. Coordinating with Other Trim

st baseboard shall be match with the other element on the room, such as floors, doors, and even the windows. A coordinated matching style, paint or stain, have to be considered before you think any further consideration. You have to match not only for the colour, but also the style.

3. C

3. Considering Colour

next you have to consider is the colour itself. Neutral shading is the most favourite, moreover the white. The shades are always matched with any other colour nuance from the room element. However, you still have a choice to make it looked glossy or matte.

4. T

4. The Perfect Baseboard Trim

r you are concerning at all aspect and consideration, just take a real action. Think about all options, styles, and materials, and then do it. We convinced you will unleash the luxury of your house with the perfect best baseboard style.

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