10+ Astonishing Accent Wall Ideas Can You Try at Home

Accent Wall Ideas – Your home might be always being your special place to do anything, notably your dearest room. However, sometime you might easily feel lazy and bored if you have to stay all the daylong in that place with your boring home task. Stop those going worse, encourage yourself!

If you have several blank wall sides, it is mean you have perfect place to make a perfect room mood booster. Don’t just leave them blank; fulfil them with your expressive creation.

Define the Proper Accent Wall Colour

It is easy to select colour scheme and tone to paint your home accent wall. You no longer need any help from interior designer as we come here to be your expert. As simple as the way an expert work on your home; just let yourself listening what your house’s architecture said as the architecture is the key.

Select the Right Site

It might be a complicated thing to you to think which wall area to be decided as your room accent wall. Selecting the right site indeed the most prominent and also the first thing you have to consider if you want a courageous accent wall will be existed in your room. Nonetheless, the simple thing you can do is standing in the middle of your room, take a single spin and then watch and listen what your room architecture show you.

The perfect site to splash out your paint to give an accent is the wall side you see in the first time you enter the room. Choosing the right spot means you kept the balance of your room stay alive and the harmony will be stand out.

Room Purpose is the Main Consideration

Once you spot a site on your room wall, the purpose of that is have to be considered when choosing the correct accent colour. Due to psychological character belong to each colours, the colour selection should be adjusted to the room purpose. Blue, for example, is very suitable for bed room accent wall as it radiate serenity and calm your mind. Rather than red that give you a strong energy vibration.

That’s why it is more proper to room where passionate activities take place, like a kitchen for instance. The another one, green represent nature as well as arcing freshness could be a favourite colour for the dining room accent wall.

Colour Portion Rule

In interior designs there is an important informal rule that helpfully aid you to define a proper, not overwhelm, accent wall colour scheme. Since you have decided the main colour theme for your accent wall based on the room purpose, you need to regard this rule. It is called “60-30-10 rule”.

This rule means in a colour combination, 60% of the overall are tone of room, the dominant colour selected for the room tone including the wall and the furniture colour tone. Then, 30% are the secondary colour on the room, and eventually the last 10% is the accent wall main colour theme. If you still confuse with the main colour accent, you can arrange a simple trial.

Pick three optional colours as your choice, and then apply them on a small square in the chosen wall site. Select the best one after watching them day to night, considering the different lighting condition.

Full Attention to the Saturation

Since you pick up the spot and the best suitable colour, one thing to be fully considered is the colour saturation. It is about how you manage the chosen colour to be not too vivid or not too pale. Perfect saturation of the colour will give you more feel the tone you chose more alive.

Vice versa, if you pick the wrong saturation, your hope of courageous accent wall will be devastated whatever colour you select. Inasmuch as the importance of colour saturation, pay full attention on it. A colouring theory stated to get a balanced harmonious colour scheme, use two colour type which is tint colour and toned colour.

Tint colour is basically has been added using white is used for the primary colour of your accent wall. While the secondary one, toned colour is used. It normally has grey to get it muted.

Accent Wall Ideas Inspiration

Mural Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

A simple colour combination could be a sole challenge when you decide it to be a mural. Regardless what type of mural you choose, everyone visit your house will impressively remember it. It is unique and unforgettable. However, many people didn’t have it on their home due to a worry regarding it will be a permanent decision.

Don’t be worried, encourage yourself! Since you had to have enough courage to do this kind of accent wall, it will be indeed seriously encourage you as long as it exists in your wall.

Art Display Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

The best way to express your character is showing your artistic taste. It could be anything you like about the art. An abstract painting, a realistic one, or perhaps a printed digital artwork could be a choice to be displayed. It’s all depending on your personality. Express it on the wall where everyone comes to your house can watch it.

They will feel like they were in an art exhibition. You can simply attach the gallery, for instance, in your living room where all people gather. You can also attach them in your bedroom wall beyond your bed if you want to enjoy the gallery privately by yourself, notwithstanding.

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Geometric Centric

Accent Wall Ideas

One of the most desirable styles in accent wall is geometrical style. More than just stylish, it can also seem very modern and sophisticated. Particularly for you who love symmetric style. You can choose any shape that you like, and any colours you desire. Mix and match for any combination are very possible for you.

It is also a great idea to combine such favourite colour with neutral colour like black, white, and grey. You can also make it had a bold pattern since it more energizing. Simply think about circle, square, triangle, hexagon, or the other shape unlimitedly.

Painted Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Instead of having a full accent wall, you can only paint pattern in your wall site. The colour of your pattern must be contrasting with the existing wall colour. However, the most favourite is white unless the wall colour is white too. For doing this task, firstly you have to consider the spot where the pattern will be, and what kind of pattern they are.

After all those couple things, simply do your artistic work with the wall as your canvas. Don’t forget to regard the architectural feature, nonetheless.

Wall Molding

Accent Wall Ideas

When you think coloured accent wall is overwhelmed regardless the type of it and want something subtle instead, wall moulding is what you are looking for. It have a same colour with the background wall, nevertheless the pattern will be so bold. Due to the colourlessness it won’t radiate any colour vibe.

Notwithstanding, the bold touchable dimensional pattern will strongly cheer anyone up. The material could be anything, for instance wood, foam, rubber, or plastic. However, a flexible material is more become a favourite as it can be match with any desirable design.

DIY Stencil Pattern

Accent Wall Ideas

If you want to have some unique accent wall by yourself, this DIY should be tried. Stencil is a great way to make a stunning pattern on your wall. The result will be similar to wallpaper, however the cost is much cheaper, the process is twice faster, and it more enjoyable.

You can make your own stencil or find a suitable one for your room decoration. Floral, flower, or even mandala are great option to be your pattern. Then consider on your stencil durability since it have to be fully durable and work well during your project from start till end.

Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Other than a direct paint on your wall, you can use lumber as stripes in your accent wall. There are two option for this idea, maintain the wooden pattern seen or paint it with colours instead. However, you can combine both and stand out with your own arrangement.

It will be stand so superb moreover if timber flooring is already there. Complete it with wooden furniture and it will be awesomely perfect.

Wallpaper or Fabric

Accent Wall Ideas

Attaching a fabric as your accent wall or simply install wallpaper might also be an option for you. It will provide its own atmosphere and also an enthral feeling to anyone see it. You can select any motif or pattern or even just an abstract painting. However, in the selection you must consider the balancing effect to your room ambience. Don’t choose a wrong choice that will ruin your existing comfortable room nuance.

Paint an Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Not only with a complicated pattern, motif, colour, or material, you can make a stunning accent wall just using a simple solid sole colour. Consider the character of each colour; a sole colour accent wall will be very encouraging. Nonetheless, you still have to pay full attention with the existing wall colour.

It should be matched well with the accent wall. Furthermore, each colours also have a specific temperature, even it a neutral colour. The combination of colour character and temperature will fully affect your mood.

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Tile on an Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Creating an accent wall using full of tiles might be an expensive option for you. It also takes a long time. However, the entire result can be dramatically stunning. For you who want to have something like that but limited in budget, you can try to attach peel and stick tiles instead of the expensive glass or ceramic tiles. Regardless the shorter shelf life, the new peel and stick tiles will seem so much awesomely elegant.

Wood Disk

Accent Wall Ideas

As an alternative from previous wooden accent wall, wooden disk could be very unique for you. It gives you more timber nuance. To do that, simply arrange the wooden disk with certain thickness on the entire wall. You can choose freely whether using uniformly same thickness of each disk or not. The gap between the timber disks will give a particular amazing relief that arc an impressive vibe.

Concrete Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

When you want a stand out accent wall present in your home, you can try this idea. It is a simple but superb. Create a mixture of strong cement and medium fine sand with adequate water. Then, apply your plaster batter in your selected wall in a specific thickness. Eventually, wait until it dry by itself. So simple, it will provide a unique feeling to your room, however. The character of natural grey colour can’t be replaced by anything else.

Chalkboard Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

When we talk about chalk and its board, we always connect them with scholar. However, you can bring them to your home and make them as your accent wall. What an amazing idea! With this type of accent wall you can draw and write anything you want. Not only for you, everyone will be able too indeed even your kids.

Now, how to attach a large chalkboard on your wall? Think simply! You can buy it in the paint shop, latex chalkboard paint. It will give you a realistic artificial chalkboard in your home.

Instax Wallpaper Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

When all of your inspiration gone and only leaving your old memories, why not just show them off? Get your entire memories printed as photographs. Print in Polaroid paper to emphasize the nuance. Attach all of them on a site in your room and let it shared with anyone visit you.

It could be photographs from anything, for instance your Instagram, your old travelling documentation, or even just googling for a nice pic. However, photographs from memorable events will touch your heart stronger.

Map Wallpaper Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

It perhaps the last ideas we give to you, but it never disappoint you. Attach a large world map in your wall. It can be a fun map, a realistic map, or perhaps a modern designed map. All of the choice is yours. Not only for adult, it also super impressive for children. Inasmuch as their big curiosity they will ask you every part of the map, where it is, and what are there, things like that. It will be so fun. It also can improve your geographical skill, and moreover, it will magnificently impress your guest. Anyone!

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