10+ Awesome Accent Wall Ideas Can You Try at Home

Accent Wall Ideas – When you think about your house, is every space the method you visualized it to be? If not, adding an accent wall is one method to change your preferred room. Let your blank wall be a canvas of chance for production and expression.

To begin creating your very own wall, brainstorm the type of environment you want your guests to experience. Are you choosing warm and welcoming or significant? This depends on the personality of your house.

Also, consider fundamental color theory and the architecture of the space. This will assist you bring the area to life. Start your mini remodeling by utilizing our state of mind boards to find house decor inspiration for your space.

How to choose accent wall color

You do not have to be an indoor developer or designer to choose a shade and painting an accent wall in your house. We’ll merely educate you how to use the very same easy guidelines that the professionals make use of when working with color and also paint – and allow your residence’s style establish just what wall to accent.

Pay attention to the Style’s Accent

Selecting the best wall for that special splash of color is the very first step. The wall to accent is typically the initial thing you see when you walk into the area. It may have unique architectural features or positionings such as an integrated bookcase, a wainscoting, a fire place or a building space. Maybe the anchor wall behind the bed in a bed room. If you choose the incorrect wall to accent, it can throw off the equilibrium and consistency of the area.

Account for the room’s objective

Color psychology professionals assert color has an impact on people– and it does. The advertising and marketing sector has used the results of color for decades. Some colors share a lot of energy– red, for instance. The factor red is made use of for stop indicators, fire engines as well as traffic lights is because it represents danger.

As the color of blood, war as well as passionate energy, red is understood to stimulate the metabolic process while boosting heart and respiratory rates. This is why red does not make an excellent choice as an accent wall in a bed room and exactly why it would certainly work better in the kitchen. Think about the space’s objective and the state of mind you wish to create when selecting a shade for an accent wall.

The 60-30-10 Accent Wall color policy

Don’t allow the vast variety of paint shades overwhelm you when selecting a shade for your accent wall. Avoid it by establishing a color pattern for the area that makes use of the “60-30-10 rule.” Here’s how it functions:

  • 60 percent of the space, including its colored surface areas and also style, represents your leading shade selection
  • 30 percent is applied to a secondary color
  • 10 percent is for the accent shade

You can check 3 accent wall colors by repainting them in 3-by-3-foot squares on the selected wall. After that see them in the changing daylight to choose the one that fits you and also your home the very best.

Take notice of color saturation

An unified color design additionally thinks about the shade’s saturation degree as component of the design. Color theory suggests utilizing a tint as the dominant shade in the room, a toned color as the second shade, with your accent color being one of the most brilliant and pure color of the 3. Colors have white included in them, while toned colors have been silenced with grey.

This concept recommends making the accent wall the darkest or most brilliant color in the space, accentuated by rug, toss cushions or other design items that incorporate the color as well as balance it throughout the room.

Kind of Accent Wall Ideas

Mural Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

When is the last time you keep in mind seeing a mural in a pal’s home? Not everybody is brave enough to do something this bold so it’s quite unusual. But if you’re up to the obstacle, this is one way to make an extraordinary declaration.

You do not need to fret about making this an irreversible decision either. By installing a chalkboard you give yourself the liberty to create new artwork whenever you like. No matter what type of mural you pick, guests will have an outstanding wall to gaze at that they will not find anywhere else.

Art Display Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Absolutely nothing shows your personality more than your taste in art. Whether you choose to hang up large abstract paintings or rustic wall art, it exposes your design. This makes having an art display perfect for a location where visitors collect like your living room.

The secret to a fantastic accent wall pattern is to make a declaration. By supplying a centerpiece with individual art work or images, you’ll draw visitors in. They’ll wonder about the pieces highlighted on your wall and their significance. The art may even trigger interesting conversation as visitors get to know individuals behind the home.

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Geometric Pattern Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

If you prefer contemporary design, a geometric accent wall pattern is an elegant method to differentiate your house. Not just can you spruce up a space with pops of color, however you can develop an unforgettable wall. A lot of interior decoration tasks include triangles, but there are many other shapes to check out.

Consider squares, hexagons and any other shapes that you imagine decorating your wall. When it pertains to accent wall colors, there are no borders. Mix and match to develop an attractive background. When you complete, you’ll have a bold pattern that changes your living room, cooking area or restroom.

Painted Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Have you considered altering the color of your walls however cannot quite dedicate? Painting a solid color accent wall is one way to experiment. Another concept is to paint different patterns to showcase an enjoyable and fascinating function wall. Before you pop open your paint cans, pick which wall makes the best centerpiece.

For example, you can utilize brilliant accent wall colors to highlight unique architectural features like a winding staircase or stunning windows. Also, make certain the other walls aren’t contending for attention to prevent a messy and hectic space. When the paint is dry, include a good ending up touch with big wall art or your preferred photos.

Molding Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Not every accent wall concept includes dynamic color. If you like to keep things simple or prefer a more subtle update, molding is the way to go. It’s a stylish choice that breaks up the dimensions of a space by adding depth. Molding also creates a decorative transition in between walls and floorings.

Due to the fact that this accent wall idea has a variety of products readily available, you have versatility with the design. Moldings and baseboards can be found in wood, foam, rubber and plastic. Whether upgrading your bedroom or living space, guests will appreciate the architectural appeal molding adds.

Stencil Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Searching for an enjoyable Do It Yourself job? Why not utilize stencils on your accent wall! Stencil patterns are as lovely and varied as wallpaper. The only difference is they take half the time to install and are a more budget friendly choice.

You can develop your own stencil or discover one that fits your decoration. Prior to moving on with a design, check its toughness. From taping to painting, you want a stencil that will last your entire job. Mandalas, flowers and Moroccan patterns all produce an attractive accent wall concept.

Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Love the feel of a cabin retreat or a room that reminds you of life at sea? A wood accent wall works for both. Not to point out, it matches a range of design styles. Anything from rustic to vintage or nautical decor all mix well with this textured accent wall.

You also have the imaginative flexibility to paint or stain the wood slabs. So blend it up with a multi-colored wood accent wall or go for a brilliant beach stained wall that will make guests feel right at home.

Wallpaper/Fabric Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Wallpaper or fabric accent walls supply an enchanting centerpiece and can also set the state of mind of a space. A tropical floral print can assist you relax after a long day, while a neon print stimulates your mind. This is why it’s not essential to wallpaper a whole room to make it stick out.

Instead, choosing one wall to feature supplies balance with the entire decoration. It’s also a desirable method to divide area in an open-plan home by determining the ambiance in each room. Intriguing wallpapers and fabrics to consider consist of geometric, monochrome, chevron and floral styles.

Paint an Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Producing a stunning accent wall can take little bit more than a gallon of paint and an afternoon for painting it. Picking the best accent wall paint color is important as it will become your space’s focal point. Pick a color that works well with your other colors in the space. If your existing wall color is warm, you’ll want to choose a warm wall color. Beware even with neutral colors, as they have color undertones and temperature that can make your accent wall keep an eye out of location.

Faux-finish accent walls are not as popular as they when were, however using metal paints or plaster methods are still quite in design. Make certain to attempt your faux-finish method on a piece of wallboard before trying it on your wall, that way you’ll have practice time and a preview of how it will look. Think about taking a complimentary workshop at a local house enhancement shop to perfect your method and get assist recreating your accent wall in the house.

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Tile on an Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Glass tile accent walls are stunning and can completely alter your space. Your choices for the tile accent wall consist of tiling the whole wall in gorgeous glass tile for a high-end look. This is the most remarkable way to include a tile accent wall however might not be budget-friendly for each spending plan.

If you like the appearance of a smooth tiled accent wall however do not have the time or spending plan for a big tiling project, think about peel and stick tiles to create your space’s centerpiece. The new peel and stick tiles are much more classy than previous products and include more style alternatives.


Wood Rings Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

We simply love this concept, because wood constantly brings heat into our home as well as due to the fact that you can do it yourself! It is generally disks of chopped birch poles glued to plywood panels that produce a graphic wall mosaic. If you leave longer pieces they can be utilized as hooks for bags and clothing or artwork.

Concrete Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

With a touch of concrete you can add rough and commercial feeling to your home, like in this living-room. The wood flooring contrasts nicely the cold wall.

Chalkboard Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Blackboard walls are fun for the entire household and they do not just look excellent in the kid’s space. It looks gorgeous practically all over. A huge advantage that it will permit you to change your space look from time to time. Draw a personalized art, write an inspirational note or compose your wish list on it! With latex blackboard paint you can merely develop your blackboard wall.

Instax Wallpaper Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

We all have preferred pictures. Some, who are more into photography possibly have numerous favorite shots. Develop a wallpaper of your Instagram shots to have them constantly around you.

Map Wallpaper Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Old made or other maps offer the space a special character specifically if you add rustic furnishings and pieces you have collected on vacations. Self-adhesive wall murals are a simple and affordable way to brighten up any space in your home or office.

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