Winter White Dwarf Hamster Overview

Tiny, cuddly and undoubtedly adorable, winter white dwarf hamster (Phodopus sungorus) make precious pets. Coming from the grasslands of Siberia, they are sometimes called Siberian hamsters, Djungarian hamsters and winter white dwarf hamsters. Well looked after, wintertime whites live around 2 years and delight you with adorable antics.

Winter White Dwarf Hamster Appearance

winter white dwarf hamster

Winter whites can be found in three color design. He could be dark brown; blue-gray called sapphire; or pearl. If he’s a pearl, he’ll have a white layer tipped with the darker shade. The wintertime white is a dwarf breed, between 3 and 4 inches long in their adult years.

He obtains his name due to the camouflage he embraces throughout wintertime weather condition. His coat will certainly transform white if revealed to lengthy nights and also brief days in the winter season. Come springtime, he’ll look like his old self once again. He could be mistaken for a Russian dwarf Campbell, so make certain you acquire your own from a trusted dog breeder to ensure exactly just what breed you’re adopting.

Winter White Dwarf Hamster Personality

Winter White Dwarf Hamster

Winter whites are reluctant, so your own will value having his cage in a quiet corner. He’s nocturnal, so he’ll be working on his wheel at night– he requires a lot of workouts, so make certain he has a wheel. He can adjust to rest throughout the evening if he obtains deals with as well as the focus on you during the day– golden is a great time to approach him or else. He’s a little bit of a chatterbox, squealing and also screeching. If you hear him make a high-pitched scream, this indicates the little man is spooked.

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Winter White Dwarf Hamster Social Critter

Unlike bigger hamsters, a dwarf might want a friend in his cage. Maintain him with a same-sex winter season white buddy or hamsters from his trash. A 10-gallon container will certainly huge sufficient to house a number of hamsters, but the, even more, hamsters you have the more space they’ll require.

Give lots of hides holes, wheels and toys for your little men to share. Don’t obtain any playthings in which one hamster might collar another given that they can end up being hostile every so often. When you offer treats, ensure you provide one to all your friends at the same time, or they might obtain upset.

Winter White Dwarf Hamster Feeding

Winter White Dwarf Hamster

Obtain Hammie a high-quality hamster food mix. He could have deals with from time to time, like fresh carrots, lettuce or other vegetables. Feeding him treats by hand will help create a more powerful bond of depending on between both of you. Prevent fruits, corn or dairy. These have sugar, which can create your pal to establish diabetes mellitus, which wintertime whites are prone to. Provide the food by loading a tough food meal or by spreading the prey on top of the bedding for him to take.

Winter White Dwarf Hamster Treatment

Winter white dwarf like Campbell’s, are usually pleasant however they are not as tame as the Syrian hamster as well as have a track record for nipping when worried or roughly dealt with. They ought to for that reason not be taken care of by toddlers.

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In spite of their tiny dimension, they are extremely energetic and so should be housed in as big an environment as feasible to give them the area they should avoid boredom. A solid sided cage or an aquarium would certainly be an ideal choice of real estate as they are small adequate to press with the bars of the majority of cord hamster cages.

They can usually be safely housed with other winter white Russians if maintained in same-sex pairs or tiny teams, however, if you do wish to house more than one together after that they will have to be introduced at a young age. Even then, it is still possible that the hamsters have to be separated after they mature. New hamsters ought to never ever be introduced to a team.

Some lines of winter white dwarf go to a greater threat of diabetes mellitus, therefore it is best to prevent feeding them fruit or sweet deals with.

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