Turtle Food With a Simple Recipe

Turtle Food – I prefer to feed my turtles non-commercial food, or at the least, as low as possible. A healthy and balanced turtle is an active and also pleased turtle food. Using a blender, fresh foods, as well as a reptile based jelly powder, you can produce your personal concoction. This recipe is more of an overview, as the opportunities and combinations of foods are unlimited.

The biggest pro of being able to personalize your food for your family pet turtle, water that is, is that you can introduce foods they might not or else try along with control the part dimensions as well as the nutrient values. The main objective for lots of people making their very own food for their turtles is to take full advantage of and also utilize a range of foods. My turtles will certainly not eat zucchini, yet they do consume zucchini in tuna flavoured cubes, sshhh do not tell.

Since I feed my pet turtles a great deal of live foods, I do not excessively stress and anxiety regarding meat in my mixture, however as you will certainly see, you could quickly include healthy protein to your mix or to urge the younger turtles a little tuna water, insects or worms can do the technique.

Numerous dishes you will discover state to use beef heart, I am not a follower of that, I try to feed just what I call natural foods, I like knowing my turtles are searching their turtle food and obtaining the included bonus offer of exercise. Some recipes will additionally ask for separating the meat and veggies, I throw all of it together, however I never make use of beef or hen raw or cooked to feed my turtles. I have actually seen a few youtube videos calling for red dye … I do not think so.

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Ready? It is really very easy, be prepared to blown away.

Turtle Food


The Dish Turtle Food

Just what you will certainly require

  • Reptile Jelly, readily available at most pet stores.
  • Fruits of your selection, can utilize apples, grapes, raspberries and also strawberries, many melons are liked as well as bananas as well.
  • Veggies of your selection, could utilize any kind of dark leafy environment-friendly such as bok choy, fallen leave lettuce, endive as well as kale, zucchini, broccoli carrots, tomatoes, occasionally squash or pumpkin.
  • Meat (or alternative) if using, worms, snails, tuna water,


  1. Making use of a blender or food processor or blade, pulse or slice your picked fruits and vegetables into extremely little pieces. I have the tendency to use a lot of greens over fruit. Apples, grapes, cherry tomatoes and also strawberries are delighted in entire by my turtles, so I don’t put those in this mix. You can also put water plants like duckweed as well as grasses in.
  2. Prepare the gelatin mix as instructed on the bundle. If you require a more powerful jelly, make use of less fluid. Reptile jelly has vitamins and also nutrients in it, I do not add more.
  3. Mix the cut vegetables, fruits as well as choice of ‘meat’ or tuna water with the jelly.
  4. Location blend into ice trays, I make use of the tiny sized ones and not the big ones you generally see. When I first began, I utilized fish designed ice trays, to add that extra little temptation.
  5. Freeze overnight in the fridge freezer.
  6. Thaw as well as serve.
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When I am presenting new turtle food, I will certainly entice them with some tuna water, but or else, my ‘food dices’ are primarily dark leafy environment-friendlies with broccoli, zucchini, carrot added. I keep real-time food in their container, so for me I do not have to include healthy protein or meat.

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